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Resident Evil 4 remake: How to complete the More Pest Control Merchat Request

We’ll tell you how to complete one of Resident Evil 4’s most sneaky side missions, the “More Pest Control” Merchant Request that takes place in the castle.

Resident Evil 4 remake: How to complete the More Pest Control Merchat Request
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The Resident Evil 4 remake is finally here, and its full of side missions you can do to get more Spinels, used to buy special items at the Merchant’s store. Here we’ll tell you how to complete the “More Pest Control” Merchant Request that appears during the castle section of the game.

With a long list of Requests to complete, players can choose to ignore them since they mostly make you revisit previous areas of the game. The More Pest Control mission will have you scouring every corner of the huge castle in the game looking for three sneaky rats to kill. And while that doesn’t sound so bad, given that they’re actually pretty big and can be seen scurrying about, a lot of players have had some trouble finding them. We’re here to help by telling you exactly where in the map you can find them.

Merchant Request: More Pest Control

To start this request you’ll need to pick up the note first. It can be found in the Grand Hall area: simply walk up the stairs and look at the door on the left next to the statue.

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Your objective will be to kill 3 rats, hidden around in the nearby rooms. They can be easy to miss, so we’ll show you exactly where they are in the map.

Rat #1

One can be found in the hallway leading towards the Dining Hall. Through the door next to the headless statue, you’ll see the first ran sneaking around on the floor.

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Rat #2

From the Grand Hall and going towards the Armory, you’ll walk through a dark hallway. This rat will be roaming around the room on the red carpet, and you should be able to hear its squeaks from the moment you enter.

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Rat #3

The last rat you need to kill is only accessible after Chapter 10 of the game, since the room where it can be found is not accessible before. You’ll have to go through the rooms where you played as Ashley in the previous Chapter, and you’ll find it in the library. You’ll have to use Leon’s flashlight to find it scurrying in the corridor next to it, since it’s so dark, so we recommend guiding yourself by the sounds these rats make.

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Don’t forget that once you find the rats in their respective rooms, they can escape the room and move around the map. If you don't manage to kill them immediately you’ll have to chase them for a bit, and that may end up putting you back in danger.


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