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All the Clockwork Castellans from the Resident Evil 4 Remake and where to find them

We tell you where to find all the Clockwork Castellan in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Complete guide with maps and images. All locations.

All the Clockwork Castellans from the Resident Evil 4 Remake and where to find them
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The Clockwork Castellans are a kind of collectible in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. They are Ramon Salazar's windup dolls that we must destroy with a clean shot to be considered "collected". In this section of our Resident Evil 4 remake guide, we will tell you where to find all the Clockwork Castellans:

What are the Clockwork Castellans from the Resident Evil 4 Remake and where can you find them?

The Clockwork Castellans are Ramon Salazar's windup dolls that emit a very specific sound that helps us locate them. We must destroy them by shooting them. There are 16 Clockwork Castellans in total, one for each chapter.

In the results section of the main menu, we can check which ones we have found and which ones we are missing (a Salazar icon appears when we have destroyed that particular figure). Also, once we finish the first game, the ones we destroyed will be kept in the following games.

Mechanical Castilian in the Village

Chapter 1 - In a hole in the roof of the house indicated in the following image, in the Lakeside Settlement.

Chapter 2 - In the hut near the Abandoned Factory, in a corner on the ground.

Chapter 3 - Go down the stairs after the merchant, in the section where our goal is to find the boat to be able to cross the side. The Clockwork Castellans is on a crate, in the dead end next to a yellow barrel.

Chapter 4 - You have to return to the Lakeside Settlement by boat to use the Door Badge (you got it before) and open the door next to the house where you found Luis. At the bottom of the stairs you will come to the Forest Altar. The figure is at the edge of the map, behind some bushes.

Chapter 5 - In the Village Chief's Manor, but only at this time, as you can ask Ashley to go up to the attic and push a ladder for you. The figure is hidden behind some furniture.

Chapter 6 - Just before you enter the checkpoint with Ashley (the area where you face the Chainsaw Twins), the figure is on a ledge next to the bonfire.

Chapter 7 - In the Treasury, after defeating the Garrador and returning to Ashley after climbing a ladder, the figure is on a shelf.

Chapter 8 - Right after the scene that leads to the fight against the ogre-like enemy, when he turns you around you can drop down to the bridge and at the bottom you have a ladder. Climb up the tower, go around the central platform and you'll see him on a crate.

Chapter 9 - In the next point of the courtyard, very difficult to see because it is behind a column, in the corner.

Chapter 10 - In the tunnels, where shortly after this section you will face the Executioner, behind a sewer grate just to the right of the Merchant's room.

Chapter 11 - In an area marked on the map as Stopover, after the first stretch of wagons. When you get down to rest in a small ruined building where there are a few enemies, look for the figure on the roof.

Chapter 12 - In the Clock Tower, once you enter one of the corners on the first floor.

Mechanical Castilian on the Island

Chapter 13 - After finishing the pier area and going through a cave, in the next open area with several enemies, hidden between a green crane and a truck.

Chapter 14 - Above some lockers in a small building in the middle of the road connecting the Camp to the Amber Storeroom.

Chapter 15 - In a small room at the next specimen storage point, on a beam in the ceiling.

Chapter 16 - Just before you get on the Jet Ski with Ashley, in the section where you have less than 3 minutes to escape and finish the game after killing Saddler. On top of some crates in a room with red lights. You can do a manual save on the typewriter just before you reach this area, as you only have one try to destroy it.

Reward for destroying all the Clockwork Castellan

In the extras store in the bonus section there are 3 special weapons, and to buy the Primal Knife you need to have destroyed all the Clockwork Castellan. The knife works the same as all the others, but it is the most resistant of all and you can sell it to the Merchant for 25,000 pesetas.


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