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7 Grand Theft Auto 6 secrets revealed in the first trailer

We take a look at the key details revealed in the first trailer for GTA 6, the most anticipated video game on the PS5 and Xbox Series X

GTA 6 detalles tráiler

It seems unbelievable that the time has come. We live in a time when the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 has already been released to the public. 2025 is no longer seen with the same eyes as before: it is the great course of the most awaited game in the industry. Players of yesterday and today gather around a video that transcends the medium itself. These years of waiting, no less than a decade since the fifth installment, have been a lifetime for many. Now it’s time for us to enjoy. The trailer has given us a lot of details that we will take a look at in the following lines. Sit back and enjoy: 2024 is going to be a very, very long time for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S users.

Lucia behind bars and its open world implications

The first moments of the trailer throw a revealing piece of information about the background of Lucia, one of the two protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 6. We see her behind bars, sitting passively during the officer’s interrogation. “Do you know why you’re here?” the officer asks, while Lucia replies ironically, “Bad luck, I guess.” Something went wrong; some blow made her a scapegoat, and she ended up dressed as a prisoner.

This will probably happen at the beginning of the game. The answer can be found in the official image that accompanies the trailer. Let’s take a look at Lucia’s right leg: there’s a monitoring device attached to it. They are usually seen when a person in prison is under house arrest or has a restraining order. Will they restrict our movement in the open world in the early stages of the game? It’s a theory that shouldn’t be dismissed.

GTA 6 detalles tráiler
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Lucía’s origins go back to... Cuba?

There are many theories about Lucía’s origins. Her Latin descent is evident in her features: her complexion, her accent... What we still don’t know is which generation of emigrants she belongs to. She could have been born in the United States, or she could have arrived in her youth like so many others pursuing the American dream, something that Rockstar Games has already explored with Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto 4.

One of the gaining theories is that Lucia is of Cuban descent. According to the Migration Policy Institute, 76% of Cuban immigrants in the United States have resided in Florida. Specifically, 52% of them were found in the Miami metropolitan area as of 2021. Cuba’s proximity to Miami makes the city a major port for Cuban immigration.

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Vice City is a fraction of the map: we travel to the state of Leonida

When we think of GTA 6, the image of Vice City immediately comes to mind. Its prominence in the trailer is essential to give a sense of packaging not only to the video, but to the universe that the team is trying to recreate. The city, a fictional version but that relies heavily on the real architecture of Miami, will be just one of those that we can visit on the map.

Leonida is the name of the state of Florida in Rockstar Games’ imagination. Not only will we be exploring the big city, but like Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5, the natural landscapes will make up the other half of the map’s urban photography. We can expect to explore large wetlands influenced by places like the Everglades National Park or the Big Cypress Wilderness Area, located west of Miami. The latest leak suggests that the map will be twice the size of the playable area in the last installment. If we had to bet, cities like Fort Myers and Tampa have a good chance of joining Vice City, as well as other smaller ones like Marco Island, Port St. Lucie and the group of islands south of Miami: from Key Largo to Key West.

GTA 6 tráiler detalles
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GTA 6 looks to reality to capture the viral

From the 40th second of the trailer, a carousel of content mimicking social media posts begins. A woman with two hammers, a woman twerking on a car on a highway... They may seem like images created by the satirical minds of the studio, but many of them correspond to real videos or news broadcast on the main information channels. This lady, for example, came out in reality with both tools ready to whip her neighbor.

The inmate with the tattooed face is also a reference to the one known as the “Florida Joker.” He was arrested in 2018 on charges including sexual abuse.

GTA 6 Joker Florida viral
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The girl twerking happened years ago on a Miami highway. She climbed on the roof of the car to leave a dance that lit the fuse of social media.

Crocodile incursions into people’s homes and businesses are a common occurrence in Miami. Due to their proximity to the wetlands, they occasionally wander out to terrorize those present. On one such occasion, a man caught a small alligator and entered a store to exchange it for beer. The rest is history.

Rockstar releases a wink to Fernando Alonso?

Fernando Alonso fans will go crazy over this wink. Trust us: it’s too much of a coincidence. Turn to second 33 of the video. We see a Vice City street full of sports cars. Notice the license plate on the white car: “Ch33tah”. Yes, you saw it right: a 33 on the license plate of a car that appears in the second 33. Is Rockstar also chasing the Nano’s next victory?

GTA 6 Fernando Alonso
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Is Jason hiding something?

The only moment we hear the voice of Jason, the co-protagonist of the adventure, is in a sequence where Lucia asks him for “trust”. There are many references to Bonnie & Clyde, both in the trailer and in previous leaks. The trailer, the presentation of the world of the game, leaves him aside in front of his companion, as if it were a resource to rely on. The lyrics of Tom Petty’s song “Love Is a Long Road” may give us a clue as to where the character is headed.

“There was a girl I knew, She said she cared about me. She tried to make my world the way she thought it should be. Yeah we were desperate then to have each other to hold, but love is a long road.” Is Jason hiding something, has the rock star given us a clue as to where the story is going? Petty’s song continues: “Some things are hard to give up, some things are hard to let go, some things are never enough.” It smells like there will be several plot twists that will blow up the duo.

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The symbol of Miami does not move

Miami has some recognizable trademarks for its streets. One of them is the white and yellow Oldsmobile Super 88 parked in front of the Avalon Hotel. Its image has been carried over into the Grand Theft Auto universe since the days of Vice City and Vice City Stories. Looking off into the distance in the following image, we can see a piece of the city’s history among the top-of-the-line cars. Some things never change.

GTA 6 detalles tráiler
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