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Alan Wake 2 brings small-town horrors with its gameplay reveal

Summer Game Fest 2023 leaves us with a new gameplay trailer for Alan Wake 2, which brings back intense horror and has hints of Resident Evil.

Alan Wake 2

It had one of the best trailers of the PlayStation Showcase and fortunately, Alan Wake 2 has repeated the feat in this Summer Game Fest 2023. Remedy’s game is set to be one of the biggest releases of the year (it will be out on October 17) and the developer doesn’t want there to be a single event where it’s not clear.

With many more survival horror touches than the original, reminiscent of Resident Evil, a new playable character, and a story that promises to solve all of Bright Falls’ remaining mysteries, this sequel couldn’t look better. More than a decade later, the time has come.

Alan Wake 2 will not be released in physical format

Alan will wake up from his nightmare on October 17 on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S but to our misfortune, It will not come out in physical format. From Remedy they have excused themselves assuring that thanks to this decision they’ll be able to prevent Alan Wake 2 from being worth 80 euros and that in this way they will also avoid buying a disc that later requires having to download part of the content through the Internet, as is usual in these times.

A controversial explanation that does not end up so convincing and on which THQ Nordic has curiously commented. The distributor of the first Alan Wake on PC... has offered to help out with a physical version themselves! Will Remedy agree and change their mind?

It will have two DLC... and an unmissable collectible!

From Alan Wake 2 we also know that it will have two paid DLC called Nocturnal Springs and Lake House. Both will be sold through an expansion pass which is included in the deluxe edition of the game. But Remedy has ensured that its post-launch support will not be limited to them, also offering free additional content for the title.

And on the other hand, the most famous collectible from the original game, the 100 infernal coffee thermoses that had been scattered around Bright Falls and that we had to collect to get all the achievements, will have get a real life replica that will be sold to fans this fall.