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Andy Muschietti is among the favorites to direct the Batman reboot in the DC Universe.

The director of The Flash is the top choice to direct The Brave & The Bold, the new Batman movie.

Andy Muschietti Batman

The first people to see The Flash seem to like the movie, and after going in like a bull in a china shop, James Gunn must have seen something in it to keep it from joining the long list of canceled movies in the DC Universe. This, along with others like It and It Part II, have made Argentinian Andrés Walter Muschietti, better known as Andy, a favorite of Warner Bros. so much so that he wants to be behind the cameras for the Batman reboot.

Undoubtedly, the Dark Knight is one of DC’s most popular characters, probably second only to Superman, and for that, James Gunn will want to be on solid ground. All indications are that Muschietti is the best choice to direct The Brave & The Bold, as the next Batman movie will be called.

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With Gunn himself directing Superman: Legacy and Muschietti in charge of Batman, the next two films of the DC factory’s most significant characters would be outlined.

The Future of James Gunn’s DC Universe

This year we will see three more DC Universe movies, although it remains to be seen if The Flash will remain a part of it, as well as Blue Beetle, which is also in doubt. It’s not even certain that Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom will be included in James Gunn’s new idea, although it seems that Jason Momoa has a guaranteed future, as well as, surprisingly and despite his mental health and justice issues, Ezra Miller.

Also confirmed are the second season of Peacemaker, which Gunn created before taking over the DC Universe, a series starring Colin Farrell’s Penguin, and the sequel to The Batman, again with Robert Pattinson. However, this second installment with the Twilight actor would not be part of this new universe but would remain a separate saga.

Source | The Hollywood Reporter