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CD Projekt RED

CD Project announces the end of development for Cyberpunk 2077, with hundreds of employees moving to The Witcher 4

CD Projekt revealed that their entire team is now moving forward with all three of their new projects, including a new mainline Witcher game and the Cyberpunk sequel.

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Once known as Project Polaris, CD project has already put the machinery to work to carry out what eventually turned out to be The Witcher 4. After officially ending Cyberpunk 2077 development after the arrival of Phantom Liberty, update 2.0, and the many subsequent small patches, the studio has finalized the pre-production phase of Geralt of Rivia’s fourth adventure and begun the production phase. The countdown begins for one of the most anticipated RPGs of the coming years to arrive.

But in truth, CD Projekt wants to launch three games in the next 6 years, and one of them is The Witcher 4, with exactly 407 people already engaged in its development.

Everything that is to come from CD Projekt

“We are working on more than one project at this time as well” said Michal Nowakowski, CEO of the company (via VGC). “There is Cyberpunk 2 being developed in Boston, there is Polaris being developed predominantly here in Europe, and obviously we have other projects, with other teams like Project Sirius, also in Boston with The Molasses Flood.”

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“And there is The Witcher 1 remake done in cooperation with Canis Majoris, so you can definitely expect us to release more titles and the cadence of launches is something we definitely plan to increase, although I will obviously not comment on what is the space between the projects time wise,” concludes Nowakowski.

In summary, CD Projekt right now has 56 people working on the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, codenamed Orion, while 39 are with a spin off of The Witcher known for now as Project Sirius. In addition, the Polish studio is creating what will be its first self-created IP, codenamed Hadar, which currently has only 20 people working on it.

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Thus, CD Projekt wants to recover the name it made after the success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and after the disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077, which tarnished part of it. Fortunately, after the patch for PS5 and Xbox Series, and the 2.0 update, this became the fantastic game we all hoped it would be from the beginning.