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Chris Tyson reappears to address rumors of being removed from MrBeast’s team

Chris Tyson, known for being part of the MrBeast team, reappears after almost a month of silence to clarify their place in the famous YouTube team.

Chris Tyson reappears to address rumors of being removed from MrBeast’s team

After a few weeks out of the public eye, famous YouTuber Chris Tyson has reappeared on social media, where they addressed fans to clear up the rumors that have arisen in recent days about their alleged departure from the MrBeast team by being absent in some of the channel’s recent videos.

During a Snapchat stream, Chris spoke about his current relationship with the Beast Gang and his continuity in the project, confirming that he has yet to be removed or asked to leave. His response to the matter was short and to the point, these days he is on the road and with his son Tucker.

“Nope, I pretty much told Jimmy [MrBeast], just because I want to spend time with Tucker, and he’s traveling a lot, I’m just going to come and go as I please,” said Chris during the stream. “I came to Japan and I left when I pleased, and I went- I don’t know if I can say I went to Mexico. I went to Mexico, and then I came back.” So, Chris is still an official part of the MrBeast team.

Chris Tyson undergoes major life change

In early April, Chris Tyson announced on his Twitter account that he was starting hormone replacement therapy and how it has helped and saved his life and the lives of many others. Being a public figure on one of the most popular YouTube channels, this quickly spread across social media and unfortunately received hate and ridicule from a transphobic community. As a result, a rumor began circulating that Chris had been fired from the MrBeast team, all because he started this transition.

Chris’ Twitter accounts stopped posting content at the time, leaving their social media silent and fans worried. Throughout this, Mr. Beast has shown nothing but support for his friend after toxic fans and transphobes called Tyson a “nightmare” for the content creator.