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Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO lands on Crunchyroll next month

The latest Dragon Ball movie joins the newly announced catalog of movies from Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece coming to the streaming service.

Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO lands on Crunchyroll next month

The catalog of Dragon Ball movies on Crunchyroll continues to grow. In addition to the recently announced 15 Goku and company movies, Crunchyroll has announced that Gohan and Piccolo’s latest adventure, Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO, will be coming to the streaming service next month.

When is Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO coming to Crunchyroll?

In a post on its official news site, Crunchyroll has announced that Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO will arrive on the service on July 12. The film’s arrival on the platform marks the culmination of “Crunchyroll’s first truly global distribution film.” According to the platform, the film “reached more than 100 countries, with 13 dubs and 29 subtitled languages. It went on to gross $96 million worldwide, and it now stands as the 4th-highest-grossing anime film of all time in the United States.”

The film will be distributed in the Americas, Europe (excluding France), Africa, Oceania, Middle East, Commonwealth of Independent States, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia (excluding Japan), with dubs and subs for most of these regions.

Lots of Dragon Ball content coming to Crunchyroll

Just last week, the anime streaming service announced the addition of 15 Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super movies to its catalog. These movies will be released weekly, starting from June 22 until April 6. This content will arrive on our continent with subtitles and dubbing, depending on how you want to enjoy it. Take a look at the release dates of these movies right here.

We at Meristation USA are Dragon Ball fans and we have a list of what we think are the 8 best Dragon Ball Z movies. And if you want to know where all these movies coming to Crunchyroll fit into the whole Dragon Ball chronology, we got you covered, and you can check it out here.

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