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Meta Quest

Everything about the Meta Quest 3: price, release date, models, upgrades, and more

The Meta Quest 3 has finally revealed its release date, so here is everything we know about the upcoming VR headset so far.

Meta Quest 3 fecha precio modelos regalos

Meta Quest 3 will arrive sooner than we thought. The new generation of virtual reality from Mark Zuckerberg’s company will be released in barely a few weeks at a price not suitable for all budgets. The company has already confirmed the information that we should know to accompany its debut this October.

When will Meta Quest 3 be released and what will the prices be?

Meta Quest 3 will be launched on October 10 at a price of $499.99 for the basic model, 128 GB. The 512 GB version, on the other hand, will go on sale for $649.99. Launch models will be accompanied by a digital copy of Asgard’s Wrath 2, while the 512GB model will add a six-month trial of the Meta Quest+ subscription, which offers two games each month as long as you maintain your membership.

Meta Quest 3 improvements in detail

The main feature of Meta Quest 3 lies in its capability to squeeze the most out of mixed reality. Passtrough was already present in the previous model, in black and white, but now it will be “high fidelity in full color”. It will allow you to see your physical environment “with more than 10 times the pixels” compared to Quest 2. You will be able to switch between the virtual and mixed scenarios by simply tapping the side of the device twice.

In terms of performance, Meta promises double the graphics processing power compared to the second generation thanks to the built-in Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2. The “4k+ Infinite Display” screen will offer a jump of “almost 30% in resolution”, which translates to 25 pixels per degree and 1,218 pixels per inch (two 2064x2208 resolution screens per eye). The lenses will follow the pancake model, which reduces the diver-like sensation, allowing the optical profile to be 40% thinner compared to the model already marketed. Lastly, the audio range will be 40% higher, with improved bass and increased clarity.