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Final Fantasy 16 reveals all of its extra modes: Arcade, New Game+ and more

The most challenging mode will be available after completing the game for the first time, but the developers promise plenty of content for the first run.

Final Fantasy 16

The long-awaited Final Fantasy XVI will offer an adventure full of challenges, some of which will be accessible from the first game. However, the studio has designed additional content for those who complete the game. In an interview with MeriStation and other media, Producer Naoki Yoshida explained and clarified the following about the endgame:

“That’s not how we designed Final Fantasy XVI. During the first playthrough, there are a lot of things to do beyond the main quest. We have several side quests where you can learn more about the world. We have a feature called ‘The Loresmen Harpocrates’ where you can unlock more lore about the world.

There are also the hunts, which allow you to go out and hunt down the strangest monsters and defeat them for rare rewards. Then you can take those rewards and materials to the blacksmith to forge legendary weapons. There’s a lot of side content like that that you can enjoy on the first playthrough.

Arcade Mode and Final Fantasy Mode, the real challenge

In addition, the developers have implemented an Arcade Mode that introduces more content and even the ability to compete against other players in a sort of online leaderboard.

“What happens when you finish the game?” Yoshida asks. “When you beat it, the New Game+ option is added. Everything Clive accomplished in the first game is carried over, so all of his skills, levels, and equipment carry over to the next game. On the other hand, the cinematic scenes can be skipped so that the player can focus on the gameplay side of the game. If you miss a hunt or a secondary mission, you can complete it using the fact that your character is more powerful.

Final Fantasy Mode is the most challenging mode in the title and is unlocked when you complete the adventure for the first time. “The story won’t be different, but what will change is the level design will be different, the location of the monsters will be different, the strength of the enemies will be different, as well as the order in which they appear. It’s a totally different experience. It’s designed to be the true difficulty of Final Fantasy XVI. The Arcade mode, in turn, has a Final Fantasy mode, “the biggest challenge of the whole game.

Final Fantasy XVI was developed using proprietary technology and will be available in stores on June 22nd for PlayStation 5.

Final Fantasy 16 reveals all of its extra modes: Arcade, New Game+ and more
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