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First video of PlayStation Project Q, Sony’s streaming gaming handheld

This is the design of the PS5 handheld, Project Q, according to leaks that have appeared on social media.

PlayStation Project Q

We have a first glimpse of what would be the production prototype of Project Q, the new handheld that Sony is working on to allow PS5 users to play in remote mode. The Verge reports this after echoing recent leaks on social media, which include images of the device and a first video that you can see below this paragraph. After almost a decade since the launch of the PS Vita, PlayStation returns to the portable model, albeit totally unexpected.

PlayStation Project Q Specifications

Since the official announcement of Project Q a few months ago, we have not received any more information about this new portable device designed to work in conjunction with PlayStation 5, in fact, on this link is all we know so far. Now, a new video has appeared on the Internet in which a user manipulates the new PlayStation device -which everything suggests that it is a test model-, yes, only at the menu level, as it is not observed running any PS5 video game.

From what can be seen in this leak, design is everything in this new PS5 handheld, with handles that emulate the DualSense design of the current Sony console with a fairly thin and light widescreen display, all to run PlayStation games streaming that we have in our PS Plus library, apparently.  All this through a sort of Android smartphone derivative at a technological level with enough capacity to allow streaming without the need for state-of-the-art hardware at the power level.

PlayStation Project Q
Full screen

This has a lot to do with its price, which Sony would put at around 300 dollars, although for now, it is not official. We will have to wait for official information or its launch to get a clear idea of its possibilities and whether it can arouse the interest of the PlayStation public.