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GTA 6 Developers Respond to Trailer Leak: "This F**king Sucks"

Members of Rockstar are expressing their anger and disappointment over the leak of the first GTA 6 trailer.


The GTA 6 trailer was not the news of the week, not even the news of the month of December, not even the news of the year 2023... It is certainly one of the most important events in recent years in the video game world, and as happened months ago, it was leaked in advance. As we say, it is far from the first time that it happens in Rockstar, which seems to have the enemy at home and whose employees have reacted strongly.

“Well, this f**king sucks,” wrote Lloyd Knott, a VFX artist who accompanied his statement with an expletive that we don’t feel the need to reproduce, as we all understand it. Knott has since deleted his tweet, but the capture of it remains for posterity.

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Knott was far from the only one to express his annoyance at the leak, though virtually everyone at the studio has since deleted their posts. “It would have been nice to do this with everyone at the same time,” said Phil Beveridge, senior designer at Rockstar, while Javier Altman, gameplay designer, said he was “looking forward to seeing this for the first time tomorrow with my teammates and colleagues. I feel like we have earned this moment.”

Meanwhile, Chloe Shearer, also a VFX artist, has used the already popular GTA San Andreas meme starring CJ to refer to this leak, already showing obvious weariness.

When will GTA 6 be released?

Well, we’d better arm ourselves with patience, because as expected, GTA 6 won’t arrive in the coming year 2024, which is about to begin. Instead, we will have to wait until 2025 to enjoy a game that promises to be immense and will surely force practically all publishers to modify their release schedules. Therefore, we should not be surprised to see an empty calendar of major titles on dates close to Rockstar’s game, as it will be an almost unprecedented sales success.