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GTA 6 is breaking audience records even before the release of its long-awaited first trailer

Grand Theft Auto 6 is already one of the most popular games on the internet, and the numbers for its hype before its official reveal prove it.

GTA 6 is breaking audience records even before the release of its long-awaited first trailer

At the beginning of November, Rockstar Games announced that there was already a date set to show Grand Theft Auto 6. One of the most anticipated video games in history will be shown at the beginning of December, and everything indicates that it will break the internet in ways rarely seen. Is it the most anticipated video game of all time? If it is not the most anticipated, there is no doubt that it enters that conversation, and Rockstar themselves are already noticing that momentum on their social networks.

Their Instagram post about the date on which GTA 6 will show its first trailer has already exceeded three million likes, and on Twitter it exceeds 46 million views. Really crazy figures that only show us the excitementthat this franchise generates, with a fifth installment that has made history and a company like Rockstar Games, which wants to celebrate its 25th anniversary in the best possible way.

A historic end of the year for the video game industry

2023 has been one of the most outstanding in the history of video games. A large number of excellent quality titles have been released on the market over the months, and although it is not going to do so this year, the fact that the first trailer of the long-awaited GTA 6 will be able to be seen before the end of 2023 is the perfect finishing touch for twelve months full of intensity and video game masterpieces.

December 1998 and December 2023, a lot has changed since then. The date Rockstar Games was founded and its 25th anniversary, a very special moment that they would never have thought of when it all started, but they have on their hands one of the most impressive and talked about trailers of all time.