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GTA Online players are losing vehicles to a glitch, but Rockstar is on the case

A dangerous bug recently hit players in GTA Online, causing an Insurance error to delete their in-game vehicles, some of which cost real money.

GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries

Last week, players of GTA Online where faced with a terrifying bug in the game that put their vehicles at risk of being permanently deleted from their inventories. The game-breaking glitch had to do with the way insurance policies worked with the in-game vehicles, and it seemingly started after the latest update, San Andreas Mercenaries, was released.

While losing a vehicle in a Grand Theft Auto game doesn’t sound like much of a problem, you have to keep in mind that GTA Online doesn’t work like the rest of the series. Players need to buy their personal vehicles from Los Santos Customs and other vehicle agencies in the game, which is done with the money received from completing missions and tasks around the world. Insurance allows players to recover their vehicles after they’re destroyed and comes at a cost according to the value of the vehicle. If players don’t have enough to pay for the insurance, they could lose it completely.

Your GTA Online vehicles in danger

When the latest update for the game was released, a bug erased the insurance policies of player without warning, meaning that many users saw their cars, boats, planes, and helicopters deleted from their garages. This is quite the problem not only because of the incredible amounts of effort any player needs to get some of the most expensive vehicles (sometimes costing upwards of 8 million in-game dollars) but because they can be purchased using real-world money.

With 10 million in-game dollars costing around $100 USD, this can be a huge loss to some players that chose to take the risk. So Rockstar immediately got on the case to fix this issue. The official Support account of the company posted that they were aware of the situation, and almost a day later they were able to fix the issue.

However, many players did find themselves affected. Rockstar has started asking players who lost their vehicles due to the loss of insurance to open up individual tickets so that they can begin the process of recovering their hard-earned wheels.

Source | Gaming Bible