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Honkai Star Rail reaches 20 million downloads, surpassing Genshin Impact

HoYoverse’s newest game, Honkai Star Rail, has already become the huge success it was aiming to be shortly after its official launch.

Honkai Star Rail

Chinese studio HoYoverse has achieved success again with its new role-playing game for mobile devices, Honkai Star Rail. This free JRPG that is already available has managed to accumulate nothing less than 20 million downloads, surpassing that of its predecessor, Genshin Impact, in the same period of time.

This has been echoed by Daniel Ahmad, research director of Niko Partners, of what was announced on the Chinese blog Weibo, having reached those 20 million downloads in just one day. This is a scandalous number that is put into perspective even better if we consider that Genshin Impact, another colossus of the mobile market, achieved 17 million in its first 24 hours available on Android, iOS and PC.

As Ahmad himself points out,it was foreseeable that this would happen, if we take a look at the previous data. Honkai Star Rail accumulated more than 30 million pre-registrations before its launch, with 21 million belonging to China and the rest to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Genshin Impact only managed 20 and 5 respectively.

Obviously, part of the credit for Honkai Star Rail’s success belongs to Genshin Impact, a hugely successful game in recent years that has made a name for HoYoverse among mobile gaming fans.

A predictable success

Like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail is a gacha-style RPG where farming plays an important role, but there are notable differences between both. This new game presents a sci-fi setting in smaller settings than in the previous HoYoverse game, which while offering a smaller environment to explore, also does so with more visual detail and interaction possibilities.

However, the most notable difference is the combat system, since Honkai Star Rail hasa turn-based system that will dazzle fans of classic JRPGs. There can be up to four characters in a party, with different classes and abilities, and although it is not a very deep system, it is not without its challenges.

Honkai Star Rail reaches 20 million downloads, surpassing Genshin Impact
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