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House of the Dragon Season 2 is not in danger through Hollywood’s Writers Strike

Ryan Condal, showrunner of House of the Dragon, calms fans with the assurance that the production for the new season of the series is not in danger.

House of the Dragon Season 2 is not in danger through Hollywood’s Writers Strike

The Writers Guild of America’s strike has put the vast majority of our favorite series in pause. “The companies’ behavior has created a gig economy inside a union workforce, and their immovable stance in this negotiation has betrayed a commitment to further devaluing the profession of writing,” said the Writers Guild. Thus, 15 years after the first one, a new strike calls into question the future of some productions... among which, fortunately, is not House of the Dragon, according to its showrunner.

“House of the Dragon has returned,” said Condal. “We are thrilled to be shooting again with members of our original family as well as new talents on both sides of the camera. All your favorite characters will soon be conspiring at the council tables, marching with their armies, and riding their dragons into battle. We can’t wait to share what we have in store.”

Filming for this second season began on April 11, a work process in which the series team will visit Spain again. The Cáceres Province will once again host King’s Landing, as well as other locations such as La Calahorra (Granada) or Santa Clotilde (Lloret de Mar).

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Writers, on the warpath

The screenwriters’ requests are clear. On the one hand, they reject the situation of temporary employment or the charge per project, as well as a higher percentage and transparency in the benefits of streaming. In addition, they also ask for a rise in salary that would entail an added annual cost to the producers of more than 400 million dollars a year.

They also ask that the use of artificial intelligence be regulated, which we have seen perfectly capable of carrying out all kinds of functions, such as reproducing infinite Seinfeld episodes, although yes, with many gaps.

Source | Variety


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