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Kurt Russel is willing to do a “Big Trouble in Little China” sequel, as long as it’s got a good script

Actor Kurt Russel has spoken out about the possibilities of playing Jack Burton once again in a hypothetical sequel to “Big Trouble in Little China”.

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Big Trouble in Little China’, is a 1986 film directed by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell. In a recent interview Russell states that he would be willing to return for a hypothetical sequel if it had a great script.

Kurt Russell would want to return in the hypothetical sequel to ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ only if the script is good

Although the adventures of Jack Burton, the protagonist of ‘Big Trouble in Little China’, have continued in comic format, in an interview with, Kurt Russell, who gave life to Burton in the movie, said he’d be willing to play the character again if if the sequel was “better than the first one”.

Ya never say never. If somebody were to write a great script that was better than the first one, it had something new to say, I don’t know.”. With respect to the possibility that John Carpenter would return to direct this possible sequel, Russell joked that he knows exactly how to convince the director. “We could slap John Carpenter around a bit and say, ‘Come on, John, let’s go do this’,” commented the actor. Kurt Russell is a frequent collaborator of John Carpenter, having participated in other films by this filmmaker such as ‘1997: Escape from New York’ (1981), ‘The Thing’ (1982) and ‘2013: Escape from Los Angeles’ (1996).

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kurt russell john carpenter escape from la 2013

The most recent news that there has been about a possible sequel to ‘Big Trouble’ has been a project by the hand of Dwayne Johnson, who shared the screen with Russell in ‘Fast & Furious 7′ (2015) and ‘Fast & Furious 8′. This film project has been underway since 2015. and very few details are known about him beyond the fact that It would be more of a reboot or a spiritual sequel than a direct sequel.

What was Big Trouble in Little China about? Was it a successful movie?

Big Trouble in Little China’ is a 1986 film produced by 20th Century Fox, directed by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun and James Hong. It is a fantasy, action and comedy film in which trucker Jack Burton (Russell) finds himself involved in a plot of kidnappings and supernatural dangers in the Chinatown neighborhood of San Francisco.

Its exact budget is not known, but it is estimated that it was between 19 and 25 million dollars at the time, and its revenue was of 11 million dollars, so It was not considered a commercial success. In the DVD commentary, Carpenter and Russell themselves speculate that this failure could have occurred because ‘Aliens’ by James Cameron was released sixteen days later.

The movie was more successful in the domestic market both via video store rental and direct sale than in movie theaters, which made it a cult classic. Critical reception also ranged from mixed/mixed to good reviews., as their 74% and Rotten Tomatoes and his 53 on Metacritic show.