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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: how long does it take to beat or complete the game 100%?

Insomniac Games’ new title is bigger than its predecessors, but you won’t need hundreds of hours to complete Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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If we take a look at the 2023 video game release calendar and focus on PS5, there is one name that stands out above all: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the year. Peter Parker and Miles Morales arrive on the Sony console and Insomniac Games have shared new and interesting details about what awaits us in Manhattan.

In statements shared by VG247, Insomniac Games’ Ryan Smith has offered details on the duration of the game and if something was made clear, it is that like the first installment seen in 2018 we are not facing one of those colossi to which you have to dedicate hundreds of hours to complete everything.

Duration of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

While it is true that Insomniac Games has not given an exact number, Smith’s words say it all: “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is in the same ball-park as the first game in terms of overall play time.” What does that mean? Well, it means that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should have a duration of close to 20 or 25 hours for the main story and about 35 or 40 hours to unlock 100%, approximately.

“Insomniac is about to give us one of the best superhero games ever and a sequel that seems to improve in everything the installments that precede it. The surprise does not lie in its formula, but in the fact that the company continues to deliver games of such quality at the rate at which it does. Furthermore, at the end of the demo, our spider sense had the sensation that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 still has many tricks up its sleeve. We believe we have seen so little of the story that we only have one request for our wall-crawling friend and neighbor: let him arrive now,” we said in our impressions after trying it.