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Payday 3: how to guess keypad codes correctly to open vaults, doors, and more

With 8 heists and many routes to take in each, Payday 3 is finally here to test your skills. So here are some tips for figuring out keypad codes correctly.

PayDay 3

Payday 3 is finally available to play on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, and already there are thousands of heisters sinking their teeth into what Starbreeze Studios have prepared for the launch of the game. Of the many updates and novelties made for the sequel, stealth gameplay seems to have benefitted the most, with more complex and varied objectives when compared to its predecessors. One of this has been puzzling some players during the Play Early period: keypad codes.

As is to be expected, keypads are placed next to certain doors to block players from simply lockpicking them, forcing would-be burglars to find the correct combination of 4 numbers to gain access to important places. They can be found next to basement entries, special rooms, and of course, vault doors guarding huge amounts of loot.

Needless to say, the obstacle seems simple enough, simply looking around until you find the code around the level, right? However, the higher difficulties of heists actually make it more difficult for players. Many missions give players a variety of codes that are the possible answer, leading some to try them out until they find the correct one, but every time you fail the keypad locks up for almost a minute, putting you at risk of being found out.

How to figure out the correct keypad code in Payday 3

Aside from brute-forcing it, the developers have placed another subtle clue for players to figure out the correct code. Anytime you get close to a keypad (enough to interact with the individual buttons), your character immediately shines a blacklight on the device, which reveals fingerprints on different buttons. This is the hint that you’re looking for, as they reveal the numbers that correspond to the correct code.

Full screen

What you’re supposed to do is write down those numbers and compare them with the codes hidden around the map that you can find. If the numbers match, then you simply need to input them in the right order for the door to open. Sometimes there can be less than 4 fingerprints on the device, which means that some of the numbers repeat in the code. For example, if the fingerprints are on 3, 9, and 0, then the right code must contain all three of them, and nothing else.

The reason why so many people are getting stuck on this puzzle is that there is no indication or tutorial that explains that a UV light is activated whenever you get close to the devices. There is no animation played, it doesn’t depend on a special unlockable skill, and the light circle is dim enough that many could be oblivious to it.

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