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Prime Gaming free games of December 2023 include Deathloop

Subscribers of Amazon Prime Gaming are getting an amazing batch of free games for December 2023, including Dishonored, Asteroids: Recharged, and more.


Arkane Studios has not had its best year. The developers behind Prey and Dishonored released Redfall this year, which ended up being one of the biggest disappointments of 2023, although the Bethesda Game Studios developer, the one from Lyon specifically, has proven to still be very fit for work. Deathloop was one of the best titles of its year, a game designed by the creators of Dishonored that envelops us in a hectic time loop. Starting December 7, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to get it for free thanks to Prime Gaming... permanently!

It is not the only title that will be available for free. The platform has announced the complete catalog that will arrive this same month of December, which we detail below:

All Prime Gaming free games in December 2023

December 7: DEATHLOOP [Epic Games Store] — Trapped in a mysterious time loop, players must venture through the island of Blackreef and assassinate key targets before the day resets. To end this cycle, assassins must learn from their mistakes, try new methods, gather information, collect weapons and more, doing whatever it takes to break the loop.

December 14: Akka Arrh [Amazon Games App] — Fight off swarms of enemies and link combos to protect your life rings and aim for a high score in this fast-paced, arcade shooter game filled with psychedelic visuals.

December 14: Aground [Amazon Games App] — Survive an uninhabited island with castaways as players must craft, mine and build from the ground up, all while encountering new characters, technology, magic and many more surprises.

December 14: SeaOrama: World of Shipping [Amazon Games App] — Embark on a thrilling pioneering journey to grow and establish your shipping company by transporting goods, strategizing, investing and more.

December 21: Kombinera [Epic Games Store] — Save King Kombine from the Kave of Kaos by controlling and combining multiple colored balls simultaneously in this mind-boggling puzzle platformer.

December 28: A Tiny Sticker Tale [Amazon Games App] — Change the world using the power of stickers in this cozy miniature adventure!

December 28: Asteroids: Recharged [Epic Games Store] — Survive the depths of space by jamming with the beat to the soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee in this revitalized classic arcade shooter.