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Pringles is getting a Minecraft ‘suspicious stew’ flavor: how does it taste and where can you buy it?

Soon you’ll be able to taste Minecraft’s Suspicious Stew in real life thanks to Pringles, who have announced the release of a limited-edition new flavor based on the stat-boosting(or nerfing) game food.

Pringles is getting a Minecraft ‘suspicious stew’ flavor: how does it taste and where can you buy it?

Well, it was bound to happen at some point, but we didn’t expect to see Minecraft’s “Suspicious Stew” come to the real world in the form of potato chips. Pringle has just revealed the release of a limited edition flavor of their snacks inspired by the popular survival game’s food item, and you can expect to try them later this month.

For those of you unaware, the suspicious stew in Mojang’s game is actually a bowl of soup that players can craft with certain ingredients gathered around the game world. This stew grants players that consume it a random chance of getting either temporary power-ups, like higher stats or special effects that help them survive, or the entirely opposite effect, like making them blind for a time, poisoning them, or giving them the “Wither” effect. In-game, it’s quite an exciting experience, since it can either save you or completely doom you to fail.

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So what will the Pringles chips actually taste like? Kellogg (the company that produces Pringles) has described the limited-edition snack as having “a burst of rich, hearty and savory flavor”, as well as being a “novel tasting experience.”. The item in Minecraft is crafted with different kinds of mushrooms and flowers, so the description actually kind of fits, but it’s hard to imagine how that could translate to actual consumers’ tastebuds.

Where to get the new Minecraft Suspicious Stew Pringles flavor?

The new limited edition Pringles will be available in the U.S. all around the country while supplies last, starting in April 2023. Of course, Kellogg has not revealed what the actual supply numbers are, so you’ll have to be on the lookout at supermarkets and convenience stores around the country.

If we go by what they’ve done before, like with their Halo-themed flavor “Moa Burger” Chips, then you won’t have to worry too much about getting a can of these suspicious snacks. Those were available for a couple of months after the release and were easy to find in supermarkets, but then again Minecraft is a much more recognizable brand with chip-eaters, so depending on the level of demand you may have to fight to get them.

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