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Reasons behind YouTuber MrBeast’s “mental breakdown”

The famous YouTuber has opened up about his mental state and how the focus on creating content is affecting him mentally.

Reasons behind YouTuber MrBeast’s “mental breakdown”

You know Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, we have written a lot about him, his interesting videos, pranks and everything about his team. He is huge regarding his videos on YouTube and for him it hasn’t been so easy lately.

In a recent interview on The Colin and Samir Show, MrBeast opened up about his approach to work and how it has taken a toll on his mental health. He said that he is so focused on making content for his channel that he has a “mental breakdown every other week.”

“I don’t have a life. I don’t have work-life balance,” he said. “My personality, my soul, my being is making the best videos possible, entertaining my fans as best as I can. That is why I exist on this planet. I’m miserable a lot of times. I have a mental breakdown every other week because I push myself so hard.”

Donaldson did not specify what exactly he meant by “mental breakdown,” but he did say that he recovers by taking a few hours off to watch anime. He also said that he tries to take calls while walking so that he can fit in some exercise without taking away from his work time.

This is not the first time that MrBeast has spoken out about his “grind mode” approach to work. In a January interview with Russian-American computer scientist Lex Fridman, he said that there have been periods where he has decided to work for up to seven or eight days non-stop on YouTube content.

“Weirdly enough, the best thing for my mental health was giving into my innate nature to work,” he told Fridman. “And the most depressed I get is when I try to restrict it, like, ‘I don’t work weekends’ or ‘I don’t work this day.’ What’s best for me is just to work when I feel like working.”

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