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The latest from MrBeast: He is ‘arrested’ in revenge prank

YouTuber Airrack finally has his revenge on MrBeast after the prank pulled last year.

The latest from MrBeast: He is ‘arrested’ in revenge prank

YouTube stars Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, and Eric David Decker, who goes by Airrack, have been engaged in a prank war for some time. In the latest episode, Airrack pulled off an elaborate prank that led MrBeast to believe he had been arrested.

The prank began when Airrack had Donaldson pulled over by the North Carolina police. Donaldson was handcuffed and taken to a holding cell where he was held without food or water. Eventually, he was allowed to make a phone call, and that’s when he learned he had been pranked. This prank was Airrack’s response to a prank that happened last year when MrBeast pranked him by having one of his producers pretend to leave his channel to work for his channel. Airrack vowed revenge, and a year later he got his chance.

Donaldson later admitted that at one point he thought the arrest was real. He said the prank was well executed and that he was impressed by the amount of resources Airrack put into it. You can watch the video above.

A prank war between YouTubers

The prank war between MrBeast and Airrack is a reminder that even the most popular YouTubers are not immune to being pranked. It also shows that even the most elaborate pranks can be exposed with a single phone call.

In addition to the arrest prank, MrBeast and Airrack have also pulled other pranks, such as pretending to be homeless, asking for money, and pretending to be a couple on a date. The pranks have been popular with viewers and helped boost both YouTubers’ popularity.

The prank war between MrBeast and Airrack is fun and harmless way for the two YouTubers to interact with their fans. It is also a reminder that even the most popular people can be the target of pranks.


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