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Red Dead Redemption on Switch and PS4 is official, not a remake or PC release

Rockstar Games has confirmed a new Red Dead Redemption port for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and not the remake that many fans expected.

Red Dead Redemption

Take the Winchester down from the living room wall, cowboy. Empty the spittoon and groom your boot spurs. It’s time to go back to ride into the sunset. Although it was an open secret in the saloon and stables, Rockstar Games has finally made it official: a new version of Red Dead Redemption, just not a remaster. John Marston will return to our lives on August 17 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch with a meet and greet that will be worth $49.99 and on which there is good and bad news.

Red Dead Redemption includes Undead Nightmare

The good news first. This new release of Red Dead Redemption will come with the wonderful zombie-themed expansion from the original game had, Undead Nightmare. Released on Halloween 2010, this DLC had a short, hilarious, and original story full of undead and even had a new horde mode for multiplayer.

And there is more good news, like the fact that the game will also see the light in physical format (although not on August 17, but on October 13) and that it will be released for the first time on a Nintendo platform. Indeed, Red Dead Redemption is coming out on Nintendo Switch. and Double Eleven Studios will be responsible for the port. For those doubting the capacities of the console, remember that we have already seen greater technical wonders on the platform, such as The Witcher 3. But this second announcement brings us to the bad news.

Why isn’t the Red Dead Redemption port coming out on PC and Xbox?

Nintendo Switch and PS4 will have this new version of Red Dead Redemption, but both PC and Xbox users will be left without it. The former will be disappointed, but not surprising (the original game never came out on the platform). For its part, for the seconds there is an explanation. The company must have found the backward compatible version of Xbox 360 enough because it can be enjoyed on the new Microsoft consoles at 4K and 60 fps and this new edition does not bring many more updates or graphic changes, as it is NOT a remaster, but only a port.