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Riot Unveils Spectacular Official Trailer for What Will Be Arcane Season 2

The wait has been worth it, and after a stunning season poster, we finally have a glimpse of what will be the continuation of Riot’s series.

Arcane 2

Stop everything! The first teaser for Arcane Season 2 has been released. It’s only been 5 months since we saw the first teaser, which was only 44 seconds long. But now we have something more substantial, more eye-catching and more action-packed.

Through their social media, Netflix has released this first action-packed trailer. What can we say? The poster, now this! Ufff Just watch it!

Arcane Season 2, scheduled for this 2024

Little by little we are getting information about the return of Arcane, one of Netflix’s biggest successes in terms of animation and one of the most attractive ways to show the world of League of Legends to those who do not play the MOBA. Arcane success earned the series four Primetime Emmy Awards.

Since last year, we already have a release window for this long-awaited Season 2, November 2024, which was one of the major announcements made during Geek Week 2023.

It should be noted that the long waiting period was due to the great success of the first season, something that the creators of the series did not expect, so they only considered a second season after the first one was released. “The bad reason is honestly we didn’t know if Season 1 was going to be a success. So, we didn’t start Season 2 until... If I had known, we would have started Season 2 way earlier,” commented at the time Nicolo Laurent. CEO of Riot Games.

Although there are still no details about Arcane Season 2, it was reconfirmed that the talents of Hailee Steinfeld’s Vi, Ella Purnell’s Jinx, and Katie Leung’s Caitlyn Kiramman will return.

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