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Solid Snake and Peter Griffin will arrive in Fortnite in Chapter 5: Everything we know

We’ll tell you everything we know about the two new outfits of Solid Snake and Peter Griffin in Fortnite, arriving in the Chapter 5.

fortnite solid snake metal gear peter griffin padre de familia nuevas skins

The leaks start to emerge ahead Fortnite Chapter 5, whose Season 1 will start on Sunday, December 3, 2023. An ad shown to some users on Xbox ahead of time shows none other than the new Battle Pass, with two major collaborations: new outfits for Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series, and Peter Griffin from ‘Family Guy’.

Solid Snake and Peter Griffin are Battle Pass outfits for Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 5

At around 4:00 am ET on December 1, 2023, some people were shown an announcement for the new season of Fortnite on Xbox. This ad shows a Fortnite artwork with the outfits of the new Battle Pass, among which we can see Solid Snake from Metal Gear and Peter Griffin from ‘Family Guy’. This is not a montage, as several different people shared the image in question, which we leave you below:

fortnite solid snake metal gear peter griffin padre de familia nuevas skins
Full screen
fortnite solid snake metal gear peter griffin padre de familia nuevas skins
Full screen

We have little to say about Solid Snake: this incarnation of the character seems to be similar to the one from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Snake wears long hair and a beard in addition to his classic infiltration suit. We don’t know if he’ll have additional styles or if, like in Super Smash Bros., the character will simply be called Snake and Solid Snake will be mixed with Naked Snake/Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

super smash bros ultimate snake metal gear
Full screen

We can tell you more about Peter Griffin, and that is that in February 2021, among the archives of outfits and objects of Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, there was a sequence of images of Peter Griffin and Ernie, the giant chicken, fighting:

fortnite peter griffin padre de familia
Full screen

This sequence of images would have been used for a TV-shaped back bling that would show it in its entirety, similar to the Street Fighter backbling that showed animated images of the game. In addition to Peter Griffin, there was also a solid hint about his arrival in the State of Unreal 2022, where in one of the frames of the presentation could be seen an open Unreal/Fortnite project and in one of the folders could be read “Family Guy”.

In any case, the Peter Griffin shown in the images of the new Battle Pass is wearing a James Bond-like tuxedo, and this detail, along with the inclusion of Solid Snake and the appearance of the other outfits, shows us that the theme of the new season is espionage, which is not called Underground for nothing. Less than 48 hours to go before we can play with these two characters so radically different from Fortnite.

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