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Stranger Things Season 5 gets a horrifying, mid-strike preview

The Stranger Things fandom just got their first look at Season 5, with the writers warning of the state the production is in with the SAG-AFTRA strike still in full swing.

Stranger Things

The first preview of the final season of ‘Stranger Things’ is even scarier than Vecna, although it is also quite normal. After all, it is only a “pre-vis” animation, or what is the same, a sequence that has been generated by computer so that the entire team can picture the scene the same way before starting to work on it. Something like a moving storyboard. But a creepy one as crude as it is.

This preview shows Nancy, Jonatahan, and Dustin screaming in a car, and given the red hue of the scene, it could very well be taking place in the Upside Down. The short clip was shared by the official account of the series’ writing team, who also mentioned that they will not be able to bring scenes like this to life until the actors’ strike ends. “One more week without a deal. One week closer to this”, they said, eerily hinting at the idea of CGI being used to finish the show.

When people talk about the magic of cinema and television, they usually refer to how this is transformed into what we finally see on the screen. We can only hope for a satisfying end to the strike, where the workers get a good deal to protect their vocation and everyone can go back to making the magic happen.

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