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Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest 2024 | Opening Ceremony: Date, Time, When It Is, Where to Watch, How Long It Lasts, and What to Expect

Geoff Keighley returns once again to present the most important video game conference of the summer, with Summer Game Fest 2024 set to start very soon.

Summer Game Fest 2024 gala inaugural fecha hora cuándo es cómo ver qué esperar

The hottest period of the year for the video game industry is about to arrive, with an inaugural presentation set to start the Summer Game Fest 2024 for which we’ve already got all the details so that no one misses a single minute of its surprises. The ceremony is set to take place in the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles,California, where Geoff Keighley and the rest of the contributing editors will reveal to audiences around the world what is to come in the next few months... and perhaps years.

When is the opening ceremony of Summer Game Fest 2024 and how long does it last?

The Summer Game Fest 2024 opening ceremony will be held on June 7 at 2:00 pm PT/ 5:00 pm ET. It can be followed through the usual The Game Awards channels on YouTube and Twitch. From what we’ve seen with previous iterations, the show may last somewhere between one-and-a-half hours to two hours.

What can we expect from Summer Game Fest 2024?

One thing must be made clear: not all Summer Game Fest 2024 collaborators will participate in the opening gala. Publishers like Xbox have their own spaces at later dates, although that does not exempt them from sneaking in a teaser as an appetizer to what they will show later.

Some companies have already confirmed that they’ll show off certain projects at this time. 2K Games plans to “showcase the next installment of one of its most beloved sagas” during the presentation. Many believe that it will be the next Bioshock, whose development has taken many turns in recent years. Atlus will also make an appearance with two of its heavyweights at the helm. Katsura Hashino and Shigenori Soejima, who are part of the Dream Team that leads the development of Metaphor: ReFantazio.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops will also show off new gameplay. The saga returns in free-to-play format to transfer tactical operations to the multiplayer field, although it also will have a campaign mode that will translate scenarios from the ‘Black Hawk Down’ movie. It is not only interesting for its return but also for the graphical muscle it shows when running on Unreal Engine 5. On the other hand, Palworld will also show news about its next updates.

And what happens with what is not confirmed? PlayStation always brings something, no matter how minimal, to the presentations starring Geoff. It is not unreasonable to think that it is time to see some of their upcoming productions. In the meantime, we cannot rule out games from Nexon, Capcom, and Tencent either. Is it time to see something more about Monster Hunter Wilds? Only time will tell.