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The compensation that Chris Tyson would receive if MrBeast fire them

During a recent interview, the famous YouTuber explains what’s his approach when he has to fire someone from his team, and how he would help his friends.

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MrBeast, the world’s most-subscribed individual YouTuber, has spoken out about how he handles firing employees. This was related to the ongoing rumors about Chris Tyson’s departure from their friend MrBeast’s project, that although he has already spoken about it, a part of the channel’s community is still waiting for his departure.

What happens if MrBeast fires someone from his team?

Although MrBeast has made it clear that he has no plans to fire his friend, Chris Tyson, the question remains as to what would happen if he did. In an interview with The Lex Fridman Podcast, Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast’s real name, said that he always tries to be as respectful and helpful as possible when letting someone go.

“I try to make it more like a transition,” Donaldson said. “Because at the end of the day, if you hold someone that you don’t see being here in 10 years, you’re just doing them a disservice. You’re just giving them more ingrained, more enrooted in where they are.”

Donaldson said he always gives his employees severance pay and helps them find new jobs. He even goes so far as to reach out to potential employers on their behalf. “Like if I fired you, there’s some other job you want me to help you get? I’ll DM them on Twitter,” Donaldson said. “You know if you wanna go work for MTV, I’ll DM them.”

He clearly cares about his employees and wants to help them succeed, even if it means letting them go. In addition to being respectful and helpful, Donaldson tries to be as quick and painless as possible when firing employees. “The sooner you do it and help them move on to their new life, the better,” Donaldson said.

Chris Tyson is still part of the Beast Gang

As mentioned in recent weeks, Chris Tyson is currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy, so there has been a reduction in their presence on social media and in MrBeast videos. While MrBeast has previously mentioned that he wouldn’t fire his friend, transphobic and toxic messages continue to flow through his channel regarding Tyson’s continuity in the project. Just a few weeks ago, Chris returned and talked about the supposed departure from the Beast Gang, to which he commented that they were on the road and with their son Tucker.