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The final stretch of Andor Season 2 will cover the “three days before” Rogue One

Andor raises the trumpets of war with its second season.

The final stretch of Andor Season 2 will cover the “three days before” Rogue One

Andor’s popularity among Star Wars fans is among the highest of the franchise’s productions on Disney+. With the second season already underway, the studio has shared some relevant details about what we can expect from this sequel.

Among these new features is the definitive nod to Rogue One, and we already know that the final three episodes of Season 2 will cover “the last three days before” the beginning of the events of the movie. The statements come from Tony Gilroy, director of the series, in an interview with Empire.

“The risks this season will take are very different,” explains Diego Luna, the actor behind Cassian Andor. “Look, man, I’m not trying to make a career here; if anything I’m on the downhill side of a long career. But this is an opportunity. This is 1,500 pages of the most dynamic material in these people’s lives to deal with. We got it right the first time, and you don’t want to let your foot off the gas.”

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Andor, a great story “without the Jedi wild card”

With these words began the column of our colleague Borja Ruete, who after watching the first episodes of the first season condemned what it could give of itself in the future: “It can be said without much risk of being wrong that Andor is one of the best Star Wars products of recent years. Technical aspects aside, it oozes Star Wars from all four sides, but at the same time it is different from the rest of the saga’s audiovisual projects”.

“In a slow burn, Gilroy builds up his protagonist and those around him, sketching the context that will lead him to use his skills as a spy to infiltrate the Empire. The series works as a thriller and proves that the galaxy is big enough to tell other kinds of stories without using the Skywalkers or Jedi as wildcards,” he concluded.

Source | Empire