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The Game Awards

The Game Awards 2023: how much does a GOTY award cost? Price and oddities of the trophy

Learn some interesting facts about the coveted GOTY statuette that are given away during The Game Awards.

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The Game Awards has become one of the biggest events of the video game industry year on year. A gala in which the best titles of the year are recognized, and for which each edition continues to grow and generate interest among all audiences. Not only the best game of the year, commonly known as GOTY, wins the famous statuette, as all categories deliver the long-awaited trophy that have wondered just how much is it really worth..

How much does The Game Awards trophy cost?

Every trophy given away during The Game Awards costs the not inconsiderable figure of $2,500, an amount that may catch many by surprise, but we are talking about a statuette of enormous quality that is made by a company of the stature of Weta Workshop. The New Zealand company is recognized worldwide for everything it has done in the trilogies of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’, among many other works.

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How can you get The Game Awards trophy?

The only option to get the original statuette is to win in any of its categories. Something not easy, but if achieved it will allow the winners to request up to a maximum of four additional trophies by category, although they will have to take care of the cost of each of them, except for one trophy at zero cost for having won.

The $2,500 for each additional statuette includes international shipping, and comes with a personalized box engraved with a nameplate. If any winner has thought about the resale, this is not possible, and when ordering them they will have to sign an agreement by which the trophies will not be resold and will remain in their possession permanently.

Winners are not required to order additional trophies, and can simply take their own at no cost, but the option is there. Due to the handcrafted nature of the figurine by Weta, the opportunity for winners to order extra figurines is very limited in time.

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