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The GTA6 leaker has been assessed as “not fit” to be judged by psychiatrists

The hacker behind the GTA6 leak has been deemed unable to stand trial by psychiatrists, so the jury will have to figure out whether he did the crimes he’s accused of or not.


Arion Kurtaj was a teenager when he was arrested for hacking Uber and Revolut, as well as attempting to blackmail Rockstar Games after leaking confidential videos of an early build of GTA VI. The young man, who has already turned 18, has been assessed by psychiatrists, who have concluded that he is not fit to stand trial, according to Reuters.

The jury will not be able to establish a guilty or not guilty verdict, instead limiting themselves to determining whether the defendant committed the acts he’s being charged for or not. In total, he has been accused of committing 12 crimes, among which are racketeering, fraud, and six other charges for violating the Computer Misuse Act for allegedly hacking NVIDIA and BT, although he has denied it.

The hacker threatened with leaking GTA 6 source code

Kurtaj, a member of Lapsus$ (a group dedicated to hacking), was arrested in September 2022 and brought to justice. The arrest happened in London, the city where the trial will take place. Prosecutors further accused him of threatening Rockstar to release the source code for the new Grand Theft Auto in a message sent to all company employees via Slack.

He is not the only one who has been arrested in the framework of this operation. Police have charged a 17-year-old man, whose name has not been provided, with blackmailing the broadband provider BT Group and mobile operator EE. Authorities hold them responsible for the NVIDIA hack, which occurred last February 2022. To make matters worse, prosecutor Kevin Barry has assured that the minor hacked into the London Police cloud storage weeks before being arrested.

Regarding the leak, the studio shared that they were “extremely disappointed” that the game was exposed in such manner. “Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto will continue as planned,” the company said. According to Rockstar, the leak will not influence the development whatsoever.