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The reason why Dr DisRespect has been banned from YouTube

The controversial streamer Dr DisRespect was banned from YouTube for a short period of time after a minor accident during Apple’s WWDC keynote.

The reason why Dr DisRespect has been banned from YouTube

Herschel Beahm, aka Dr DisRespect, was briefly banned from the platform on June 5 after he accidentally streamed copyrighted content, during Apple’s WWDC keynote.

At one point during his stream, he accidentally switched to his own camera, which was still broadcasting the keynote. This resulted in Dr DisRespect’s stream being taken down for copyright infringement. The ban was quickly lifted, but it did cause some confusion among his fans. Some people were worried that he had been permanently banned from YouTube, while others thought that it was just a temporary glitch.

After the ban, he said, “What? I guess we can’t watch the Apple event, or what? Is that the issue? I just wanna see this headset, man. Give me back my son! You can’t stop the Doc.” You certainly can’t.

Dr DisRespect’s History of Bans

This is not the first time that Dr DisRespect has been banned from a streaming platform. In 2020, he was permanently banned from Twitch for violating the platform’s terms of service. The exact reason for his ban was never revealed, but it is believed that it was due to a combination of factors, including his use of offensive language and his controversial behavior.

Dr DisRespect’s ban from Twitch was a major blow to his career. He was one of the most popular streamers on the platform, and he was reportedly earning millions of dollars per year. However, he has since bounced back and has become one of the most popular streamers on YouTube.

Dr DisRespect’s Future on YouTube

It is unclear what the long-term impact of Dr DisRespect’s latest ban will be. However, it is unlikely to have a major impact on his career. He is still one of the most popular streamers on YouTube, and he has a large and loyal following.