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Apple Vision Pro: price, availability, and every feature in Apple’s MR headset

We’ve finally seen the long-awaited Apple VR/AR device, which aims to make your vision of reality much more interactive by mixing with the virtual world.

apple vision pro

At last! After so long, it was at WWDC that the bitten apple brought us its mixed reality glasses. Best of all, none of the images that had been leaked or everything that the world imagined was even close to the Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s first glasses for mixed reality.

Apple Vision Pro, MR glasses with a futuristic design

Augmented reality is something that any user can experience from their mobile. With the appropriate apps it is possible to have data and indications that you would not have otherwise. However, times are changing and Apple is very clear about the path to follow. It has been many years dreaming about the device in question until today we have known the Apple Vision Pro.

“Today marks the beginning of a new era for computing,” said Tim Cook proud of his new product. These are mixed reality glasses with the ability to reproduce content in virtual reality. This is possible thanks to the fact that it is capable of coupling two interfaces according to what the user needs at all times.Thanks to them you can have a personal cinema screen with all the luxuries of spatial audio or even watch 3D content if available.

digital crown
Full screen

But this is only possible thanks to the Digital Crown. It is a circular crown that graduates the user’s immersion in the virtual environment. In other words, it is what allows you to see the environment to use augmented reality or focus your vision on everything that only exists in the virtual world. This is placed in the chassis of the visor, which has a camera system inside that is capable of reading what is in front of it to better interact with the environment.

And the latter is important, since the company has not revealed any kind of controller to interact with the device. You can use your hands to manipulate all the content around you. What Apple has bet on is comfort and it shows, in that it uses a very wide support band that can be adjusted and detached to use the Apple Vision Pro.

VisionOS and new processing chips, the perfect tandem

All this is very good, but the most technical savvy people want to know what is inside the Apple Vision Pro. The mixed reality glasses have no less than two chips inside to move everything that is on the other side of its screens. Without further ado, mixed reality is run by two chips:one M2 chip and a new coprocessor called R1, all commanded by the VisionOS interface, its new operating system.

m2 r1 vision pro apple
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Among other things, it has the ability to see in 4K resolution per eye, an audio system called audio mapping that tailors the sound you hear and an external battery similar to a hip flask that will keep you moving without problems for two hours.

Price and availability

We can rest easy knowing that we’ve seen all the details of the Apple Vision Pro available so far, but there’s still a long time before we can have one in our hands. Unfortunately, they will not arrive until next year and will have a starting price of $3500 USD. No further details have been revealed regarding models or configurations.