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This is the reason why Apple won’t let movie villains to use iPhone devices on-screen

Apple and its rules about what filmmakers can do with their products on the big and small screens of Hollywood are stiffer than you’d think.

iphone villanos peliculas series apple

Have you ever wondered why bad guys in movies never use iPhones? A fact that could be a coincidence, but it is not at all, and it’s something that Rian Johnson, director of ‘Knives Out, revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair: a rule that Apple imposes on films if they are going to use its products.

Regarding Apple’s rule, Rian Johnson comments that “I don’t know if I should say this or not,” because Apple lets filmmakers use their products in their movies, but guys can’t do it, so that is one of the reasons why many productions never use an iPhone or at least do not show the logo of the company. Johnson is clear that “Every single filmmaker who has a bad guy in their movie that’s supposed to be a secret wants to murder me right now,” and that in mystery films there is the possibility of being able to discover the villain of the feature by using or not of an Apple product. A rule that surprises and will make us pay more attention to which phones each character uses in a movie.

An intense moment for Apple and iPhone

The month of September has been full of news for Apple followers, and everything about the iPhone 15, the new model of the popular smartphone, was announced, but that’s not all. One of the points of greatest debate has been everything related to the iPhone 12 and its ban in France due to its emission of electromagnetic waves above the threshold allowed by European legislation. News that did not go unnoticed by other countries on the old continent, with Germany and Belgium studying the case, while others requested the temporary withdrawal of the device.


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