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This is why Adam Driver rejected Marvel’s offer for the Fantastic Four

Adam Driver, Kylo Ren in Star Wars, has rejected the role of Reed Richards in Marvel’s Studios upcoming Fantastic Four movie, leaving the MCU without a Mr. Fantastic.

Adam Driver

Some time ago a rumor arose that Marvel Studios wanted Adam Driver to play Reed Richards in the new Fantastic Four movie. The information was left unconfirmed, but journalist John Rocha has returned to the topic supported by Jeff Sneider, who does not usually fail with his information and has also leaked that Donald Glover is currently writing the Star Wars series about Lando Calrissian.

According to both journalists, Driver had the role of Mr. Fantastic on the table and turned it down because he “couldn’t connect with the character”. The script for the new film (scheduled for February 14, 2025, Valentine’s Day) was not able to convince the actor. However, Marvel Studios managed to get him to agree to give it one last chance in the future, with a final draft on the way in case it would pique his interest. Unfortunately, the development of that final draft has been postponed due to the historic writers’ strike that shakes Hollywood these days.

Favorites for the new Fantastic 4 movie

In any case, the information is still valuable for two reasons. After all, the Adam Driver rumor was accompanied by other Fantastic Four candidates. If Marvel really contacted the actor, it means that they would have done so as well with Margot Robbie to play Susan Storm (the Invisible Woman), Paul Mescal to be Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), and Daveed Diggs to put himself in the shoes of Ben Grimm (the Thing). Who will ultimately be chosen?

Adam Driver, an actor with an unpredictable career

You never know where Adam Driver is going to be next. One moment he’s doing Kylo Ren and Star Wars, the next he’s involved in summer blockbusters like 65, or he starts making indie movies and crowns himself with jewels like Paterson, or he puts himself in the hands of great directors and does Marriage Story (Noah Baumbach) or Silence (Martin Scorsese). The fact is that he does not lack work and this 2023 the actor has two new films on his hand.

Adam Driver Marvel Studios 4 Fantásticos
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Driver will play Enzo Ferrari in the controversial automotive biopic that Michael Mann is preparing and will also star in the long-awaited Megalopolis by Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather director’s first film in over a decade). Will he get with them the Oscar that has already eluded him in two nominations?