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Tiny Toons Looniversity finally gets a trailer, and it’s looking wacky and chaotic

The wacky toons of the 90s are back and ready for college hijinks, with Max releasing the first ever teaser trailer for Tiny Toons Looniversity, and it’s showing lots of “po-toon-tial”.

Tiny Toons Looniversity finally gets a trailer, and it’s looking wacky and chaotic

They’re back and ready to get looney. Tiny Toons Looniversity has just released its first ever teaser trailer, marking the first time in decades in which these beloved characters return to TV screens from around the world. Enrolled in a college for toons, the new series is showing off new designs, classic characters, and tons of adventures with an all new style.

Babs and Buster Bunny (now twins instead of friends/mutual crushes) are back at the helm, with the rest of the Tiny Toons set to return as well, but as of this moment there are no more details on whether or not members of the original cast will return to play their characters. According to the Max streaming service (formerly HBO Max), certain characters like Granny (Candi Milo) and Bugs Bunny (Jeff Bergman) will retain their current performers.

On the changes to the nature of its protagonists, executive producer Erin Gibson said: “I wanted to dive into a brother/sister relationship that looked really symbiotic and collaborative and supportive, not antagonistic. Seeing two people who are really on the same page, and then how do people who are so close make make new friends? You know, find out who they are by these new relationships — these new college experiences while still having fun and doing the dumbest stuff you’ll ever see on TV, but having story and plot points and character development.”

Looniversity was first announced during the back-end of 2020, but not many news have been shared with fans since then. At the beginning of 2023, Cartoon Network reconfirmed the production of the series in collaboration with HBO Max, announcing that it would be a complete reboot of the original cartoon from the 90s.

We leave you with the show’s official description: “At the esteemed institution of higher hijinx learning, they form long-lasting friendships with one another and perfect their cartoony craft while studying under the greatest cartoon characters in history, the Looney Tunes.”

Source | Gizmodo