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When will Final Fantasy 16 be released on PC?

If you’re hoping for Final Fantasy 16 to come to PC as soon as the exclusivity window for PS5 ends, producer Naoki Yoshida has some bad news for you.

Final Fantasy XVI PS5

Ever since Final Fantasy XVI was first revealed, a large amount of the fans where focused not on what was shown of it, but on the fact that it was announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive at the same time as a disclaimer revealed that the trailer was comprised entirely of PC footage. So is it coming to other platforms or not?

Square Enix eventually removed the disclaimer in another version of the trailer, and when fans pressured them about it, producer Naoki Yoshida came out to clarify that there was an exclusivity period of six months for the console. This meant that at the very least, the game won’t be launched in a different platform for half a year. But this doesn’t confirm that other versions are in development. In an interview with GameInformer, the question about a PC version of the game came up, but Yoshida didn’t confirm anything. As a matter of fact, he mentioned that players wouldn’t see or hear anything about the matter for at least six months.

While this isn’t a definitive “no”, it does mean that for the foreseeable future players will have to buy the game on PlayStation 5. Square Enix has released other exclusive titles on PC before, like Final Fantasy VII Remake, but that title took over a year for an announcement to be made, so we might have to wait for a long time before any news are revealed.

Final Fantasy on PC? Not likely for now

These statements echo what producer Yoshi-P, as he’s commonly known by the fans, said before of the same question during a previous event. “Nobody said a word about a PC version releasing. Why is it like a PC version is releasing 6 months later? Don’t worry about that, buy a PS5!” he said jokingly. “Sorry, I went overboard. We did our best so please look forward to it.”

We recently found out that he and his team at Creative Business Unit III have been working on the game for a long time before it was even announced. While speaking about why they’re not using the Luminous Engine created by the company other titles like Forspoken and Final Fantasy XV, they revealed that Final Fantasy XVI started development when another team was still working on the DLC for XV. That would imply that development started around 2016, and it wasn’t until last year that we found out about its existence.

Final Fantasy XVI is releasing on June 22, 2023, exclusively for PlayStation 5.

Source | Game Informer


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