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xQc accuses Kai Cenat of stealing his Camp Stream idea

The Canadian streamer once again causes controversy by accusing Kai Cenat of stealing an idea for a special stream, for which he even demands a cut.

xQc accuses Kai Cenat of stealing his Camp Stream idea

The live-streaming community is a vibrant and creative space where creators come up with innovative ideas to keep their content fresh. Over time, however, it has become increasingly difficult to come up with new ideas. This has led to some creators being accused of stealing ideas from others.

One of the most high-profile cases of alleged idea theft in the live-streaming community involved xQc and Kai Cenat. Yesterday, xQc accused Kai of stealing his idea for a camping stream. It all started when the Canadian streamer stumbled upon a post by a user on LivestreamFails accusing Kai Cenat of stealing his stream ideas and not paying for them.

In response, xQc started ranting, accusing Kai of stealing his idea, and started demanding a pay cut for this stream. “All right, you know what, I’m going to come out of the woodwork and say it, chat. I’ve been holding onto this chat, I’m going to f**king say it, here comes the drama chat,” he said.

“I go to Kai’s Twitter, he does this Rumble stream, Rumble show right?” I click on it, first episode what is it? It was my camping idea that I had done for his subathon on the day that I called them on stream.”

You can watch his reaction in the following video:

Kai Cenat responds to the accusations

For his part, Kai heard about xQc’s rant, to which he stated that they came up with the idea on their own. However, he also mentioned that he had intended to invite xQc to perform this camp stream, but the plan with the Canadian never materialized in the end.

This is not the first time xQc has had a problem with Kai Cenat. Just a few weeks ago, the streamer complained about how Kai Cenat has been treated after his ban, and should have received more severe punishment. xQc has been involved in some minor controversies. Just last week, he accused Rust streamers of stream sniping during the Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle III.


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