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xQc’s reaction when maids come in to clean his room while he is live

Canadian streamer xQc was left embarrassed after his maids came into his messy room while he was streaming, with everything being captured live.

xQc’s reaction when maids come in to clean his room while he is live

Not everyone is used to picking up after themselves, and would rather hire someone to clean their house. While there’s nothing wrong with doing so if you’re able to, Canadian streamer Félix Lengyel, better known online as “xQc”, was caught redhanded when the maids he had hired bursted into his room mid-stream to clean up his mess.

The two maids went into his room, causing the streamer to go completely silent and keep his head down. Soon after he started communicating with his chat via text, revealing that he was too shy to say anything to them because of the amount of trash they had to pick up inside of his room.

xQC is well known for having disgusting stream setups, with piles of trash and fast-food packaging strewn in the background of his streaming room. This time, on August 7, 2023, it seems like it was a bit out of control. “Normally I’m not like embarrassed chat, so like, I’m more social and chill,” he said to his chat at the moment as the maids cleaned behind him. “But this time there’s a lot of f***** trash, holy f***.”

xQc and Kick

The Canadian streamer has been popular for a long time, but last made the news for leaving Twitch after signing a multi-million dollar deal with streaming platform Kick. But soon after making the change, he received a copyright infringement warning from a Kick staff member while live streaming the 2008 movie “The Dark Knight.” The warning came after xQc had already streamed about half of the movie. Kick staff intervened in xQc’s chat and issued a warning about the potential copyright strike that the streamer could receive.

The incident quickly went viral on social media, with many people discussing whether or not Kick should have issued the warning. Some people argued that Kick should have allowed xQc to continue streaming the movie, while others said that the warning was necessary to protect copyright holders.