It's Free!

Free games for this weekend (July 29-31)

Here's our weekly list of the most outstanding free games available between July 39 and 31 for PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The best days of the week are here. Between July 29 and 31 you will be able to disconnect from the routine with a new grid of free trials and games. Find out what's waiting for you on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

For Honor en PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Ubisoft is probably the company that best uses these promotions. Until August 3 you can join For Honor's medieval battles on PS4, Xbox One and PC; playable via backwards compatibility with PS5 and Xbox X|S Series. In the case of Microsoft consoles, you must be subscribed to Xbox Live Gold to join. The progress made will be stored in your profile so you can continue where you left off if you take the step to buy it.

Northgard on PC

Shiro Games allows strategy fans to control their own Viking clan during the exploration of a newly discovered continent. Among the indie scene, this is one of the most popular RTSs of recent years and it's even a good starting point for fans with little background in the genre. Build your settlement, work the Viking trades and expand your territory to new frontiers. You have until Monday, August 1 to play it.

Lawn Mowing Simulator on PC

Epic Games Store persists in its weekly free games promotion. The next name on the table is Lawn Mowing Simulator, which will be available to redeem until August 4. Once you do it will be linked to your store profile forever, with no content restrictions whatsoever. Enjoy mowing the lawn as you please.

Ambrose Island in Hitman 3 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC

IO Interactive has released a new playable area in Hitman 3. This free DLC ( through an already released patch) includes assassination missions, contract mode support and all the features available in the third installment of the saga. However, to access it you must have purchased the game; those who are in the Free Starter Pack will not be able to access this content currently.