Where are the Stepstones and what is the Triarchy in House of the Dragon?

We continue to delve into the sprawling universe of Fire and Blood, the work of George R. R. Martin on which the new HBO Max series is based.

With the premiere of episode 3 of House of the Dragon, many viewers remain in suspense waiting for the following events that will take place in the following episodes. Doubts and confusion also arise, something logical if we consider the richness of the universe created by George R. R. Martin on which the series is based. While we wait for the premiere of the fourth chapter, we take the opportunity to refresh two key elements of the story: the Stepstones and their importance for the Triarchy.

Stepstones, the most desirable strategic point

The Stepstones is the name given to a group of small islands located in the Narrow Sea, east of the Stormlands and south of King's Landing. They once formed a bridge between Essos and Westeros, although they are currently separated. The importance of this place stems from its strategic relevance in terms of trade between the two continents.

For a long time, the Free Cities of Essos (Norvos, Braavos, Tyrosh, Volantis Lorath, Lys, Qohor, Myr, and Pentos) have been at odds with each other for the sole reason of gaining control of the Stepstones, although things changed when three of them decided to forge an alliance with the intention of imposing themselves on the others and establishing themselves permanently in the area.

What is the Triarchy in House of the Dragon?

The Triarchy is also known as the Kingdom of the Three Daughters, and symbolizes the strategic alliance of Myr, Turosh and Lys, three of the Free Cities of Essos established as the predominant force on the Stepstones. The kingdom, ruled by 33 magisters, lacks a king. This group, as well as the Stepstones, play a fundamental role in House of the Dragon since everything points to the fact that the confrontation for the control of the area will be present during a good part of the story.

House of the Dragon is available on HBO Max. At the time of writing these lines, 3 episodes of the 10 that make up Season 1 have been released. In this link you can check the date and time when all the others will be released. The series has become a resounding success and the platform has already confirmed that there will be Season 2.