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Celebrity fans who support the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals

One of the oldest and most successful franchises in professional sports, the Celtics have no shortage of fans, even among the rich and famous.

Paul Rudder
Celebrity fans who support the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals
Rodin EckenrothGetty

There are movie stars, models and fellow professional athletes, but rest assured we’ve got you covered with our low down on who the famous faces are that you’re likely to see at a Boston Celtics game.

The celebrity fans of the Boston Celtics

The love for sports is often times something that unites all walks of life and rightly so. What better than to watch athletes of any race, sex or creed battling it out fairly in the name of simply being the best there is? Yet as much as that is a common cliche, it’s not often that we expect to see celebrities behaving in the manner that we do when it comes to our favorite teams and the men and women who play for them. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of famous fans who support the Boston Celtics. Join us for a look at the famous faces who back one of the most successful teams in NBA history, the Boston Celtics.

Ben Affleck

To get things started we’ve got the man who who was Batman himself, A-list actor Ben Affleck. Now while some may be quick to point out the fact that Affleck is a California native, the actor who actually won a ‘Best Picture’ Academy Award for the film Argo which he directed and starred in, is as die hard a Celtics fan as they come. Having moved to Massachusetts at the tender age of three, Affleck was indoctrinated early on and since then has been staple at Celtics games.

Mark Wahlberg

Having been born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Mark Wahlberg is a son of the soil and one could say a Celtics fan from birth - he’d certainly agree. A courtside regular, ‘Marky Mark’ can always be seen at Celtics games mingling with fellow fans and even being warned by referees and players alike for getting to close to the action.

Matt Damon

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Matt Damon is another native of the state who quite frankly bleeds green. Interestingly he’s a close personal friend of the two previously mentioned actors and is often seen with them at games. The only difference is that Whalberg is much more outspoken about his love for the leprechauns and doesn’t seem to care who has an issue with that fact. A true super fan, Damon has made no secret of the fact that he’s ready to go to war for his team and anyone who doubts that shouldn’t.

Chris Evans

If you take a moment to look at Chris Evans’ social media posts, it won’t take you long to figure out that ‘Captain America’ is biased when it comes to Boston. With posts that often simply read “CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!” it’s not hard to see he’s a devout fan, but in case that’s too ambiguous there is also offerings such as “the most entertaining basketball I have ever seen” or “i love basketball” for good measure. Suffice to say Chris Evans is also a regular sight at the TD Garden.

Tom Brady

While there is often respect shown between professional athletes of different sports, it doesn’t often go to the level of true fandom and admiration, but that’s not the case for the NFL’s GOAT. Having been the resident resident quarterback for the New England Patriots for almost two decades, Tom Brady spent a great deal of time in Massachusetts. During that period the NFL legend developed a love affair with the team that plays in green such that today the only thing that’s as regular as his presence at Celtics games, is that of his wife and fellow super fan, Giselle Bundchen.

Dana White

When he’s not busy organizing fights or sometimes stopping them, The UFC’s big boss can be seen quite frequently at Celtics games. Dana White actually spent years living in Boston during his early 20s and it would appear that the time had a heart felt effect. Interestingly, it’s quite common to see White sat court side in the TD Garden with fighters from the UFC which might suggest that outside of the octagon, it’s all good so long as the colors you wear are green.

John Krasinski

If there is one thing that the actor turned director has never hidden, it’s his love for the ‘great state’ of Massachusetts in which he grew up. Born in Boston specifically, one could say John Krasinski was a Boston Celtics fan from the womb. It should be said that his love for the professional sports teams of Boston is well documented by the way, but when it comes to the Celtics there is something different. Indeed, the man who made us laugh in “The Office” can even be seen giving his take on the Celtics on Sportscenter.

Manny Pacquiao

An outspoken fan of former Celtics star Kevin Garnett, the legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao has always had an affinity for hoops. Even former Celtics coach Doc Rivers once dropped his name in an interview. As one can imagine, the boxer turned politician isn’t an uncommon sight at Celtics games - when his schedule allows - and was once even rumored to have been late for a bout because he wanted to finish watching one of Boston’s games. What can you say? Priorities.

Steven Tyler

Last but not least we’ve got the front man of the fittingly Boston-based and obviously world famous band, Aerosmith. Steven Tyler is a long time fan of the Celtics and can often be seen court side when he’s not busy touring with his band. If you’re wondering, yes he’s sung the national anthem at the TD Garden before a game. Actually singer who made us love ‘Pink’ has done so on more than one occasion.