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Aaron Rodgers rumors: What teams could land the star QB? Jets, Raiders...

After 18 seasons in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers could well be playing for another team next season - if he doesn’t retire - and with that, here are his options.

After 18 seasons in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers could well be playing for another team next season - if he doesn’t retire - and with that, here are his options.

Will he stay, go, or retire? that’s the question on everybody’s mind when it comes to the Packers star quarterback and while he’s given no official answer, there are definitely rumblings about where he could end up playing, if he chooses to continue playing in the NFL.

Where could Aaron Rodgers end up?

Aaron Rodgers has only ever played with one team in his NFL career. Indeed, the very idea of seeing him in another team’s jersey seems bizarre, to say the least. Yet, that’s precisely what now seems possible after Rodgers conceded that his Packers’ dismal finish to the 2022-23 campaign had left him undecided about his future. It was just days ago in fact, when the four-time MVP disclosed that he would be attending a “darkness retreat,” in the hope of finding some perspective as he moves toward a final decision. For their part, the Packers have indicated that they would be open to trading him if he wants to go.

The major potential road block, is that Rodgers signed a three-year, $150 million contract extension last March. Offloading his deal will understandably not be easy. On the other hand, despite the fact that he’s 39-years-old and fresh off of probably his worst year, this is still Aaron Rodgers we’re talking about. This is all to say, it would be beneficial to the Packers and Rodgers as well if a new home could be found. With that in mind, let’s get into the teams that could foot the bill - in no particular order - while providing the veteran QB with a new lease on life.

Washington Commanders

In recent years, the Commanders have shown an affinity for veteran QBs. What’s more, is that they actually have a need for a quarterback right here and now. Carson Wentz is likely on the way out and Sam Howell has just one start to his name, which means it’s time to find a signal caller who can take advantage of the skill weapons that they have, as well as profit off of their impressive defense. It’s true that they do lack cap space, but that could be made a non-factor if Ron Rivera is still in the mix.

New England Patriots

Perhaps one of the most interesting options on this list, New England presents an intriguing possibility for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s the team where Tom Brady became legend. Add to that, the fact that Bill Belichick is still in charge - the man who molded Brady - and you’ve already got a mouth-watering prospect on the table. Rodgers after all, is pretty much the next best thing after Brady. Lastly, you’ve got Mac Jones, a promising quarterback no doubt, but one who has failed to deliver on that promise thus far. We should also mention that the Pats have the cap space - roughly $48.8 million - to make such a deal a reality. There’s no guarantee this will happen, but we can’t say it wouldn’t be something to see if it did.

Tennessee Titans

This one has got layers. On the one side, you’ve got Ryan Tannehill who appears to have gone about as far as he can go with the franchise. A decent QB for sure, but after another early playoff exit, it looks like things have run their course. Yet, where the viability comes is more in the circumstances in place and not just the possible vacancy in the position. Titans head coach, Mike Vrabel and Rodgers are tight to say the least and the former has been in need of a marquee QB for some time. Could it be that we’ve got a match made in heaven? If there’s one thing the Titans have going for them, it’s their offensive line and with the likes of Derrick Henry firmly leading the way, that’s not likely to change anytime soon. In truth, what we could be looking at here, is a coaching situation that suits Rodgers and an OL that allows him to do what he does best. Keep an eye on this one.

Las Vegas Raiders

Regardless of where you stand on the situation, Raiders QB Derek Carr is heading for the door. Whether it’s a cap space scenario, or simply the effect of another terrible season, the end result is the same. Needless to say, this creates a very tasty prospect for Rodgers. First off the bat, is the opportunity that he’d have to reunite with one of his long-time Green Bay accomplices and prolific wide receiver, Davante Adams. Indeed, the wide out has been publicly campaigning in an effort to convince Rodgers to join him. The QB himself recently admitted to the fact, that there had in fact been contact with the franchise leaving us to wonder, is a deal imminent?

New York Jets

As we have clearly seen, things have not worked out in the Big Apple for second-year signal caller, Zach Wilson. To be clear, ahead of prior to this last season and even during the campaign at times, the Jets were seen as a playoff team at the least. Ultimately, that didn’t happen after two separate occasions on which the team benched Wilson, the Jets finally announced they would like to acquire a proven quarterback. What could make this option even more tempting, is the fact that if we’re honest, the Jets are really only missing a quarterback. In every other position, they are covered. That’s before we consider that OC, Nathaniel Hackett has worked with Rodgers before when he was at Green Bay. Truth be told, we think this one could be the right ticket.