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AFC 33 vs NFC 35 Pro Bowl summary: stats and highlights | NFL

Kirk Cousins led final comeback win of the year as Eli Manning and the NFC took down Peyton Manning and the AFC in the Pro Bowl from Las Vegas.

The Pro Bowl is back baby! Bravo to the league for making some desperately needed changes to the old format of the NFL’s showcase weekend. The NFC won the week long competition with a comeback victory in the third of three flag football games, but it was the league that were the real winners when everything was said and done in Vegas.

Pro Bowl make over in Vegas

It was a jam packed Pro Bowl week from Vegas that saw players in dodgeball matches, long drive competitions and skills challenges. In each of the events that led up to the final day from Allegiant Stadium were scored and that score was added up and then applied to the final game of the three match flag football series.

The AFC came into Sunday up 12-6 after the led up events to the flag football portion of the weekned. Two quarterbacks who we never would have guessed would be starting in the Pro Bowl before the season started the Pro Bowl under center. Geno Smith and Tyler Huntley got things kicked off in the opening match up that turned out to be a shoot out.

There were touchdowns and defense, and passion and even a few hits in the debut flag football Pro Bowl matches. After last year’s Pro Bowl the league had to figure out a way to bring the excitement and entertainment back and they did it this year by giving the weekend a complete make over.

NFC wins it in a comeback

Maybe the best part of Sunday at Allegiant Stadium was the events in between the games. There was the Gridiron Gauntlet and the Move the Chains contests which brought an extra shot of life to the stadium in-between each of the games. The Best Catch contest is one to be improved on but in the end there were some memorable moments that will make people in the league offices extremely happy.

In the end it was the NFC who went into the final game down 21-15 and that’s how the scoreboard looked to begin that game. Kirk Cousins and the NFC comeback on the AFC and pulled off the win with a TD pass to George Kittle and a conversation to who else but Cousins’ teammate Justin Jefferson.

As his brother Peyton Manning was arguing the final call of the game, Eli Manning was getting a Gatorade bath by his team. There was no lack of competition or passion in the Pro Bowl this year, and having the Manning brothers as coaches certainly helped that.

The QBs came to play in Vegas today. Smith crushed it, but Lamb was huge in all three games.

Kittle had a long TD in the first game and he finishes off the AFC with the game winning touchdown catch with 8 minutes to go in the final quarter.

The NFC came into the final game down 21-15, but Cousins did what he always does. He made a comeback to lead his team to victory and got things started with his dime to St. Brown.

After game 2 it was the big men who went toe to toe in the Move the Chains competition. It didn't seem like it was going to be that entertaining when it was explained by the league, but it was a trip! The big guys used strength and smarts to get the weights off the wall and quite literally move the chians.

The AFC was backed up all the was to the 5 yard line needing a big play on 4th and Forever and Lawrence threw a dime to Diggs on what would be the game winning play of Game 2.

The defense continued to dominated in Game 2, this time it was Trevon Diggs picking off his brother Stefon after a trick play ran by Peyton Manning and the AFC.

The defense picked up in the second game.  Lawrence was blitzed by Parsons and ended up throwing a pick six to Alexander on the first possession to put the AFC behind the 8 ball to start the game.

It wasn't just the flag football that had the fans up on their feet and supporting their favroite players. The Gridiron Gauntlet was one of the coolest competitions I've seen in the Pro Bowl weekend.

Lamb was all over the place in the opening game and he got the game winning touchdown with 12 seconds to go in the first matchup

If you watched the Pro Bowl last year, you know that this would have been the biggest hit in that game. There was more hitting in the debut flag football Pro Bowl then there was in full contact Pro Bowl from last year.

Geno Smith had a jaw dropping year in his first season as the Seahawks starter, and in his first Pro Bowl he was dropping dimes. This one went to Hockinson for a 45 yard catch and run TD

Ceedee looked like the best player on the field all day long. He made some incredible catches like this one to put the NFC up right before the end of the first half of Game 1.

There were a lot of players who lost in the Championship Round that didn't play in the Pro Bowl, but George Kittle is a football player and he showed up and put on a show in Vegas.

Tyler Huntley was the surprise of the Pro Bowl after throwing just two touchdowns in the regular season but he started the day for the AFC and looked like he belonged.. He hit his Ravens teammate Mark Andrews on not one but two TDs in the first game.

The Pro Bowl is back baby!!! What a fun week from Las Vegas that ended with a great final day that came down to the wire. The NFC takes the cake from Allegiant Stadium with a comeback with in the final of a three game series.


Not without some controversy! Peyton Manning though their should have been a penalty on the kneel down by Cousins and he wasn't shy to show his emotions.

Eli gets the Gatorade bath by the NFC players as the clock hits 0:00.

Cousins' pass fell incomplete but a defensive holding penalty will give the NFC a first down and this game should be over.

The NFC can kneel out the clock if they choose.

Jefferson looked like he got into the end zone, but a flag was pulled on the 1 and it's 4th and Goal with 42 seconds to go.

Big break up from Smith on Jusczyzk and he took a shot, but then made a diving catch to make up for the drop and let Smith know what's up.

AFC uses their first timeout with 57 seconds left.

So the NFC get the ball with 2:04 to go looking to extend the lead but more importantly wind the clock down and Cousins hits Lamb on a big play over the middle!


On 4th and Goal the AFC needed a TD and they get with a Carr strike to Knox in the end zone!!!

The two point conversion is no good, and the NFC lead by 2 with the lead and 2:04 on the clock.

A lateral play from Jacobs to Carr and the QB hits Adams on a deep shot down field!


Cousins looking for Kittle over the middle and he gets into the endzone to extend the NFC lead on the opening drive of the second half.

Huge conversion to Jefferson to make it an 8 point game!!!

Cousins picks up a first down on a pass to Juszczyk to keep the drive alive!


Cousins and the NFC get the first possession looking to extend their lead to start the second half.


The NFC got all the way down to the 1 yard line in the final half minute and after taking a timeout with 3 seconds left in the half, and Cousins hits Juszcyzk for the wide open TD catch and the NFC take the lead at the end of the half after Lamb makes a catch on a perfect pass from Cousins!!!

The NFC take the lead in the final 10 minutes of action from Las Vegas.


Right before the halftime break Carr finds Diggs in the endzone to give the AFC the lead back, but there is still time on the clock for the NFC to tie things up or take the lead in the fist half.



Finally we get some points with under 2 minutes in the first half and it's St. Brown making the catch and getting into the endzone!!!

It's 21-21 after the missed conversion!


Baker with the pick and the defense is starting to pick up!!! Baker had a beat on the Carr throw and stepped infront of Chase to make the pick!!

The NFC has a chance to take the lead again after the turnover.



AFC take over from the 1 yardline.

Cousins finds St Brown on a big play after the turnover and that gets the NFC inside the 5 and then Juszcyk is stopped at the 1 yard lne.


The AFC turns it over on downs after Carr can't hit Chase on 4th and shortand the NFC has the chance to take the lead after the turnover.


Derek Carr is under center for the AFC and he hits Diggs on a big shot but that is coming back after an illegal shift.

So after the NFC win the Best Catch competition the AFC are up 21-15 going into the final game and Game 3 will start with the AFC up 12-15.

Right now the Best Catch finals are underway, and I'll spare you from the highlights. Stefon Diggs and Amanra St. Brown just gave us a snoozefest for a final. St. Brown won by default after Diggs failed to catch any of his attempts.

When I heard about this competition before today I was skeptical if it would get the fans excited, but this was exhilerating! The AFC wins the final of three Move the Chains matchups

Peyton Manning took a chance on 4th and long and Lawrence tossed a dime to Stefon Diggs to lead the AFC to win in Game 2.

The attention is focused on LV, but meanwhile in Phoenix the Chiefs have touched down in Arizona.

This could be the moment of the day. Stefon Diggs got the pitch and looked for Lawrence in the end zone and his brother Trevon picked him off and took it off inside the 5 yard line.

You aren't bound to see too many runs in the Pro Bowl, but when you have Derrick Henry in the backfield you might as well use him.

It wasn't the prettiest start to the game for Lawrence and the AFC, after Parsons pressured the QB and forced a pick six by Alexander for the opening score of the game.

Game 2 is all over!!! The AFC take the 18-12 lead for the weekend going into the final game, after the 18-13 AFC win in the penultimate flag football matchup here from Vegas.

Goff goes deep on 4th down, and over throws his WR and that will end a pretty underwhelming offensive game for the NFC Game 2 of the Pro Bowl Games.


On 4th and 20 Lawrence takes a shot all the way down the field and hits Diggs in stride for the 45 yard TD!!!!

AFC LEAD 18-13 and we are at the Two Minute Warning!!


Goff hits Hockinson on the play after the INT and the NFC takes the lead with 5 minutes to go in the game!

NFC lead after the successful conversion.

On the play after the INT, the AFC goes to the playbook and Diggs looked for Lawrence in the end zone and he got picked by his brother Trevon!!!


Disasterous start for the NFC and Goff who throws a pick on a deep ball that was intercepted by Surtain who almost took it back for 6.

We are at the end of the first half of game 2 and the AFC leads 12-6 after the turnover on downs. The NFC offense didn't do a thing in that first half.


Lawrence on the RPO and he hands it off to Henry for a TD burst up the middle!

AFC takes the lead, but miss the conversion to Diggs in the corner of the end zone.

Goff got dropped on 4th down and that's a rare turn over on downs!

When Micah Parsons chases you, you run, and most of the time you make a mistake. Lawrence threw it right to Alexander who took it back for a TD.


Lawrence bounces back and marches the AFC down the field and he finds Adams for the TD to tie up the game.

The conversion to Adams fell incomplete, and we are level at 6-6.

So here comes the AFC after giving up the pick six, and Lawrence and on 3rd down they run it with Ricard to pick up the first down.

That's the first run of the day, and let's hope we don't have too many more.


After a missed throw and a fumbled snap, he was pressured in the backfield and threw an interception to Alexander, who took it to the house for a pick six!!

NFC leads 6-0 after the missed conversion.

Lawerence was way off on his pass over the middle to Diggs to start his day.


The AFC just won the Kick-Tac-Toe comeptition with punters, kickers and long snappers, and then one of the coolest things I've seen in the Pro Bowl was the obstical course competiton involving players of all sorts of postions and the NFC take it to level the total weekend score to 12-12.

A shoot out in the first game came down to the wire and it was Smith and the NFC who got the win after Ceedee Lamb's go ahead TD with 12 seconds left in the game.

Hill got dropped by Ramsey after getting the pitch from Adams, but still scored the TD! That was a bigger hit than any hits we saw last year in the Pro Bowl.

Look at Hockinson on the length of the field TD catch and run!!!

Proud day for the Diggs family who see Trevon and Stefon going toe to toe in the Pro Bowl. Trevon and the NFC got the best of Stefon and AFC in the first game.

Huntley's pass to Andrews was lateraled back and fell incomplete and the NFC take the first of three games!!!

The AFC have 12 seconds to get down the field and tie or potenially take the lead.


On 4th and forever, needing a TD to take the lead, Smith hits Lamb over the middle and he breaks a couple of tackles and backs his way into the end zone with 12 seconds left!!!

The one point conversion is good after a little trickery and a few laterals in the backfield and Smith finds Hockinson to stretch the lead to 6!!

With under Two minutes to go in the first game, the NFC take over from the 5 yard line and here comes Smith and his side.

Remember, the AFC came in leading 9-3 after all the previous competitions. This first game is worth 6 points so the clock it ticking.


Huntley finds Chase in the back of the end zonE WIDE OPEN after the questionable flag for the TD!

After the TD, Huntley finds Knox for the 1 point conversion and the AFC take the lead!!!

Huntley took off after getting blitzed and the flag flew again. Apparently you can scramble when pressure comes, but there have been a couple of flags that flew in that situation, so I'm not really sure.


The NFC go with a flea flicker and as Jusczcyk pitched it back to Smith and Smith fires a TD pass to Turpin!

The one point conversion is no good and the NFC lead by six.

On 3rd down, the AFC brings the blitz and Smith took off, which you can not do inside the 5 yard line.. There is some debate on wether Smith could run it or not on the broadcast but the flag stands and backs the NFC up 5 yards.


The NFC gets the ball to start the half, and Smith poicks up the first down with a short pass to Turpin.

Lamb reminds us that this is an All-Star game and there are still the most talented athletes on the planet.

Tyler Huntley got the shock start after getting named to the Pro Bowl, and he started the game with two TDs to his teammate Mark Andrews.

The first half comes to an end with a pick on Smith and we are all square after 10 minutes here from LV!!

With 8 seconds left Smith hits Jefferson over the middle and the NFC takes a TO with 1 second left.


Huntley hit Adams on the crossing route and and before getting to the pyon Adams hit Hill on the lateral and Ramsey came through and put a bigger tackle on Hill than we saw in all of last year's Pro Bowl.

There was even a personal foul flag that flew and that brought the 2 pt conversion close to the end zone and Huntley ties up the game with a strike to Adams in the back of the end zone.

We have our first timeout of the game, as the AFC look to pull tight to the NFC before the 1st half ends.

Quick strike from Geno on the first play of the NFC's drive, hitting Hockinson for a 45 yard TD strike to streatch the lead back to eight after the 1 point conversion to Hockinson!


Huntley going back to Andrews and he threads the needle and they have their second TD connection of the day!!! Ravens fans make some noise!!!

The AFC fails on their 1 point conversion and they trail by a point.

Diggs makes the catch on his brother who plays for the NFC and the AFC is knocking on the door.

Huntley gets the ball back, down by the touchdown and hit's Hill and Diggs to get the AFC over midfield and we are at the "Two Minute Warning"

The NFC take over on downs and Smith goes to Lamb on the first play and that goes for a TD from midfield!!!

The 1 point conversion is no good and it's 13-6 in the opening quarter.

Huntley goes deep down the sideline on 4th down looking for Chase, and he couldn't make the catch! I wonder if not have pads on is making things a bit uncomfortable for the WRs.

The NFC brought the blitz, and Huntley found Adams, but he is just short of mid field and the AFC has 4th and short from just before the "50"

Here is Huntley back with the ball at the 5 yard line looking for Devante Adams and his bucket hat deep down the field and he alligator armed it. He's not getting hit today, you got to go after those balls.

Kittle breaks a couple of tackles and thought he had his flags pulled, but he kept running and evens up the game with a long TD catch and run.

Juszczyk gets the 1 point conversion to take the lead.

The NFC start their drive from the 5 yard line with Geno Smith in the backfield and he starts the game with a couple completions and the NFC is over midfield.

Huntley starts the game under center for the AFC and marches his side down the field and he hits his BAL teammate Mark Andrews for the game's opening TD!!!

The 1 point conversion is incompete, and the AFC lead 6-0 after the first possession.


The AFC starts their first drive from their 5 yard line on this shortened 50 yard field.

I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of points and plenty of quick plays, So I'm not sure if we'll be able to post every play, but we will keep you up to date with all of the action and everything important that happens throughout the day.

Huntley among the surpirses named to Pro Bowl

There have been a lot of headline names that have dropped out of the Pro Bowl for injury or "other reasons." Guys like Josh Allen, Christian McCaffery and Joe Burrow have bowed out of the spotlight match which has opened up some room for some questionable replacements. The most questionable of all the replacements is Tyler Huntley, who was the Ravens back up threw two TDs all season long. He was named to the Pro Bowl after Josh Allen dropped out of the Pro Bowl, which left a lot of people scratching their heads.

Super Bowl > Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl used to be, and still is an honor to be named to. Despite what it has become over the last few years, getting named to the Pro Bowl is still a big deal. It means you are the best of the best at your position, but there is something even sweeter than playing in the Pro Bowl, and that’s playing in the Super Bowl. Here is a list of Eagles and Chiefs that were named to the All-Star game, but aren’t able to play because they have other arrangements next weekend.

Patrick Mahomes
Travis Kelce
Orlando Brown
Joe Thuney
Breed Humphrey
Chris Jones
Tommy Townsend

Jalen Hurts
Miles Sanders
A.J. Brown
Lane Johnson
Landon Dickerson
Jason Kelce
Haason Reddick
Darius Slay

The old ball coaches are in the building

The attention might be on the players and this new flag football format, but for me the stars of today are going to be Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. These are two guys who know plenty about playing in the Pro Bowl. Between the two of them they went to 18 Pro Bowls, but today they will be coaching for the first time in their career.

Time to forget last year's Pro Bowl

A change in the NFL format was a long time coming, but last year was the straw that broke the camel’s back if we are going to use metaphors. If we’re being nice, we could say that there was a serious lack of interest or competition in the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas. If we’re not so nice, then we could say that it was pathetic. I remember watching thinking, when is this over? And that’s what it looked like the players were thinking too. No one wanted to be there. No one wanted to play, and no one wanted to tackle. That was the final indicator that something needed to be done, and something was. Now it’s time to see how the new look Pro Bowl plays out, or the NFL could be looking to tweak the format yet again.

This was one of the few good plays, and Max Crosby still didn’t tackle the QB.

New Rules

This year there will be a much different feel to the game then the Pro Bowls we have grown accustomed to. First of all, It is no longer called the Pro Bowl. It’s called the Pro Bowl games. The activities started on Thursday, and got kicked off with the Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball, Lightning Round, Longest Drive, Precision passing and the Best Catch.

Today we will have a total of three flag football games, that count towards the scoring for the entire weekend, and it will lead up to a third and final match to cap off the weekend of festivities. Here’s what’s different about the Pro Bowl games games in comparison to previous years.

Here are the rule changes for the flag football games:      

       Seven-on-seven featuring skill players
        Each team may have one center
        50-yard field with 10-yard end zones
        No Run Zone beginning at the opponent’s 5-yard line
        20-minute games (two 10-minute halves)
        25-second play clock
        Running clock besides the final two minutes of each half
        Clock stops on an incomplete pass, score, timeout, penalty or change of possession in the final two minutes of each half
        Touchdowns worth six points; teams can then do a one-point conversion from the 3-yard line or a two-point conversion from the 10-yard line

We are live from Allegiance Stadium

Hello everyone and welcome to Las Vegas where many of the top stars will be on display for the last time this season. The Pro Bowl is an exhibition where the best players from around the league get to showoff and show out, but the game was in need of a serious make over after the embarrassment that took place last year. So tonight the league debuts their new look match up between the AFC and the NFC.

It's Pro Bowl time

The top stars of the game head to Sin City for the NFL’ All-Star Game! It’s the Pro Bowl from Las Vegas and AS English will be with you all night providing live updates, stats, scores and highlights of today’s showcase matchup from Allegiance Stadium.

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