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Mayweather vs Deji fight summary and result: Floyd gives Olatunji a free lesson

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - OCTOBER 13: Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L) and Deji Olatunji shake hands during a news conference at the Mayweather Boxing Club on October 13, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather is scheduled to fight Olatunji in an exhibition match in Dubai on November 13, 2022.   Steve Marcus/Getty Images/AFP

Floyd Maywheather vs Deji: Main Event

That is going to be it for our live coverage of the fight. Thank you for joining us and keep Diario AS USA on your browser or app for all the boxing and combat sports latest!

In an evening that saw some great boxing before dippng into farce, the main event was much as expected. From the first to the last, Floyd Mayweather was in control of the bout.

Deji landed a few shots, which was about as much as could be expected or hoped for, and even managed to get Mayweather's attention in the fifth round.

But as the sixth round came on, Floyd decided to put an end to it and stepped on the gas. Having toyed with Deji up to this point, he got the young man backed onto the ropes and landed 11 unanswered punches, including an uppercut that clearly rocked Deji.

Kenny Bayless decided that he had seen enough, and while it may have been early in pure boxing terms, considering the situation and personnel involved, it was the right move.

For a pro fight, this was early. For a Youtuber vs a pro boxer, this was the right move by Kenny Bayless.

While Deji came into the fight recognizing the levels at play and saying that his goal was to simply be able to land a shot, Floyd takes off his hat to his opponent. He certainly landed a few shots on Mayweather.

The Decision

While this was an exhibition, and the scoring doesn't matter, Floyd won every round and was 50-45 up when the stoppage came. As it stands, Floyd gets the KO in the sixth round.

You don't want to see any real damage done, and it was clear that Deji had emptied the tank.

The stoppage was a bit early, and if these were two boxers, it would have been allowed to go on a bit longer. But considering that Deji is not a professional boxer, that he has had only one fight and that this is an exhibition, I think that Bayless was right to stop it when he did.

Round 6

Floyd is no longer smiling. He comes out more determined. He is throwing well and Deji clenches. Bayless steps in to break the two and Floyd pushes the ref away!

Floyd is still Floyd and is not having much trouble, but Deji is giving him something to thing about.

Floyd opens up a flurry and has Deji on the ropes. Kenny Bayless steps in and stops the fight.

Round 5

Deji’s corner is trying to get their man to go forward, get on Floyd. Mayweather comes out looking like he is ready to throw some smoke.

They are still dancing, but both are settling in. Floyd is still able to do what he wants with Deji, even turning his back on his opponent from time to time. Deji understands that this is an exhibition and is inexperienced enough to not bite.

Both are feeling it, with Floyd’s eye swollen and Deji now doing pushups in the inter round.

Round 4

Floyd is giving Deji a little bit of advice, talking in his ear during the clench. Deji lands a right hand and Floyd turns it on a bit. He can do what he likes with the Youtuber.

Deji has opened up a little swelling on Floyd’s eye. Floyd throws a flurry and a couple are low.

Deji’s corner starts shouting at Floyd and Floyd shouts back! He is saying, “I’m Floyd Mayweather, I’ll do what I want!”

Round 3

In between the rounds, Floyd just did some mitt work. He is smiling, laughing, talking to Deji’s corner.

As the round begins, Deji lands a nice uppercut, doesn’t hurt Floyd but it gets a smile out of him. Floyd comes back with a few shots, and can do what he wants with Deji. Mayweather turns it on just to let him know that he can.

Deji comes back with a nice right and Floyd’s left eye has got a mark. Nice! But it is nothing more than a lucky shot on a guy who is not coming at you 100%

Floyd is still dominant.

Round 2

Floyd comes out hiking his shorts up, playing with the crowd, dancing. Deji is trying to stay focused and is having a tough time of it. Deji comes back with a jab and lands it nicely.

For the first time Floyd puts his hands up. Not fully respecting Deji, but at least not being as reckless as before.

Floyd dances in and just lays a six punch combo on him.

Deji needs to throw something at Floyd. He is not likely to land much but you might as well throw. Floyd easily wins that round too. 20-18 Floyd

Round 1

Floyd comes out with his hands by his sides. Deji is cagey but Floyd shows him no respect at all. Desi lands a few light touches, but Floyd, even with his hands down, is several levels above the Youtube fighter. Perhaps several dozen levels.

Deji is trying to feel his way into the fight, and can’t land anything at all. Floyd dances around and counters with a light jab. He wins that round easily. 10-9 Mayweather.

Early in his career, Floyd was a formidable puncher, but with broken hands sustained along the years, he leaned heavier on his defense toward the end of his career.

He is unlikely to punch his way through anyone these days, but his skill will still be formmidable.

This is a six round exhibition. Many will be upset that this is not a ten round or perhaps even 12, but with Deji's lack of experience this makes sense.

Kenny Bayless will referee the fight.

Floyd has always been deliberate in his ringwalks, milking it. But he is making a statement with this one. Refusing to be rushed.

Floyd makes his way in to Souljaboy. Not the track. The real thing.

He is leading out Mayweather, rapping his way to the ring.

Deji is dancing his way into the ring with the crowd on their feet giving him a hand. He is enjoying his moment, and why shouldn't he!

The main event is underway at 25 minutes to 2 a.m. here in Dubai. It has been a long wait!

Deji vs Mayweather

After long last, the ringwalks begin. Floyd may be a shadow of his former self, but he is still an impressive specimen.

Deji is a bit of an unknown in boxing at this level. Anything beyond being simply humiliated is a win from his camp.

In terms of support, there are perhaps more supporters on site and online for Deji than Mayweather.

It would seem that we are only seconds away from the ringwalks.

The boos have begun in the crowd, perhaps indicating that the fighters are preparing to make their entrance.

Making his opponent wait is part of the Money gameplan.

This is a normal Mayweather tactic. He couldn't get away with too much when he was fighting professionally, but now that he is doing this as an exhibition, he is in the driver's seat.

Asking for applause to indicate if the audience was supporting Deji or Floyd, the level of participation was minimal. It seems as if most people in attendance are asleep.

Props to the announcers for trying to fill this amount of time, but my word is it boring!

They could have used another undercard fight or two to pad this out. So far, we have been listening to random nobodies chat at ringside for the last hour.

Lots of "How great is Dubai" and "How great is Floyd Mayweather" and "Wow what a great amount of famous people"

Just for giggles, here is another shot of the aggro with Tommy Fury from earlier

We inch ever closer to the main event, as word comes in that Floyd is currently being taped up and having his gloves laced and checked.

His final shot is to name his next ideal opponent as KSI.

As a former middle-of-the-road MMA fighter, he is now angling for a fight with Mayweather for himself, but says that if WWE offered him a chance in wrestling, he would retire from everthing to "become an action figure in Walmart" as a wrestler.

Anthony "Pretty Boy" Taylor is back at ringside giving a shoutout to one of his sponsors, OnlyFans.

"I don't post no nudity or nothing. Its all training, but shout to OnlyFans, make sure you subscribe."

Tommy Fury got in on the game

Here's Lawrence Okolie's ringside footage of the event

Here is some of that earlier John Fury aggro with Jake Paul

Bigging up the idea of this matchup, the crowd gives a big cheer for the aggro.

He has now called out Andrew Tate, the former kickboxer-turned-Youtuber, saying "I'm the real Top G!"

Jake Paul is now back on the microphone saying that the Furys both had the high ground and that there was nothing stopping them other than their own lack of desire.

He mentioned that he would like to fight Tommy Fury. So the ground work is being laid.

He denies that any deals were being made in Dubai.

In a wrapup for the John Fury-Jake Paul saga, it is now reported that both camps were seen shaking hands after the melée ended.

It could have been a simple case of making peace, but it is more likely that the entire charade was a put-on to sell the aggro, and to sell tickets.

I would not be surprised to see a Jake Paul / Tommy Fury fight announced soon.

Shields defeated Savannah Marshall a few weeks back in the O2 in London and says that she is open to her next oponent. She specifically mentions Natasha Jonas and Terri Harper.

Claressa GWOAT Shields is in the building now, and is giving her opinion on the upcoming fight.

She says that Floyd is training hard, even though he doesn't want to publicise it. He maintains himself in top condition and takes nothing for granted.

"Stupidity,” Jean Cocteau remarked, “is always amazing, no matter how used to it you become.”

We live in a golden age of stupidity.

Tommy Fury is no fighter, that is true. But Jake Paul is worse than a child. He is deserving of no respect at all. Talking big is one thing. Talking big and not being able to back it up is acceptable. Not having the bottle to actually fight is even forgivable. But talking big while backing away is a coward's game.

Tommy Fury now gets in the ring and justifies his non-action by saying that he had to fight on only a few hours notice.

He calls Jake Paul into the ring again, and yet again, Jake Paul acts big, while all the time walking backwards.

John Fury is incensed! He strips his shirt off and says "Get in the ring now!"

Jake Paul is lipping off, but he is brave as he backs up. While saying that Fury is welcome to come fight him right now, he refuses to get in the ring.

With Jake Paul giving Tommy Fury lip the whole fight, John Fury has had enough and calls out the Youtuber at the end of the fight.

Round 6

Finally a few jabs, but nothing dangerous by either man. With nothing between them, it looks as if both boxers want to show that they are the victor, but in the end there is little in it.

Lambert looks untroubled by anything that Fury does.

The final minute sees a flurry of jabs, nothing landed. If you were scoring this you would have to give this to Lambert.

Round 5

We open up with a clench and a boring fight just got more boring.

Lambert tries to get some distance and get some jabs working. The crowd is against them and the boos and whistles start again.

Some jabs start to fly, but not enough to save this round from the ennui that has set in. Give the round to Lambert if you want to.

Round 4

We are beyond the halfway point and both fighters need to do something to wake this fight up. The crowd again boos as they are boring everyone with their dancing.

Lambert puts a few jabs together to get a couple points. The crowd is clearly unhappy with the lack of action and boos again. Rolly raises his hands in frustration.

Lambert gets a few more jabs in and you would have to say that he wins the round. But this is embarrassing for both men.

Round 3

Both fighters come out cagey, but with perhaps a bit more aggression. Neither is committing to the punch, but Lambert looks to be setting Tommy up for a right hand.

The crowd boos both fighters for putting on a terrible show.

The round ends with again neither fighter doing anything much. You could give this to Lambert, but again it is not so much that he won it as Fury didn’t win it.

Round 2

Tommy Fury comes out a bit more aggressive and gets in and out quickly. Lambert moves to the right and get out of trouble.

A little showmanship from both, but Fury comes away with the better work. Again, there is nothing in it. It is not as much as he won the round, as Lambert failed to win it. Give another round to Fury.

Round 1

Rolly Lambert comes out and is cagey with Fury. This is a strange bout for both men, with Lambert coming in as the late replacement for the fight. Fury has not faced anyone as difficult as Lambert, but the same could be said the other way as well.

Both men trade jabs and move in and out, not much in it for the first round. That could go either way, but I would score it a draw.

Tommy Fury vs Rolly Lambert

In the co-main event, Rolly Lambert will take on Tommy Fury in a six-round exhibition.

Paul Bamba pulled out of this fight at the last conceivable second, after Fury came in a 181 lbs, 7 lbs over the limit. Tommy Fury's camp maintains that they had agreed a higher catchweight, a claim that Bamba denies.

So at very short notice, Fury will now face current WBC and WBA Asia Champion Rolly Lambert.

The Decision

My own scoring puts this at a 30-27 win for Ingram, but the ringside judges give their own declaration that as an exhibition bout, this is a draw with no winner and no loser declared.

Round 3

The third and final round picks up where two left off, with Ingram coming out getting his in. Kouzi is taking the shots well and giving some back, but the sharp work is all Ingram’s. He is being backed onto the ropes and that is where the Japanese fighter has his best success.

Ingram gets a few close uppercuts in, but needs to get off the ropes and stay mobile to keep Kouzi on the back foot. Ingram throws a three-shot combo and catches Kouzi flush. It is eye-catching and possibly point-making, but with no damage done.

Winding up in a slugfest, the two fighters stand toe-to-toe for the last minute and both come away with swollen eyes and a bit marked up. Fair play to both of them for going for it, but that round is another Ingram round, although very close.

Round 2

Ingram comes out moving sharply and lands a great right hand. He gets in and out and is owning the pace.

Kouzi gets through the onslaught and pushes Ingram back onto the ropes. The experience of Kouzi shows in how he can get through the flashy moments, but the speed of Ingram is noticeable. He is not getting hurt and is getting in and out, scoring points and then leaving range.

Where Kouzi gets Ingram on the ropes, he has some success, but Ingram has taken a lot out of him. You can see the shakiness of Kouzi’s legs.

The round ends, and is decisively Ingram’s. Another 10-9

Round 1

Both fighters come out testing each other out. Kouzi is supremely experienced in kickboxing, but this is boxing. And his opponent is widely held to be the next Mayweather.

In this three round exhibition bout, they can’t afford to be too cagey.

Both fighters are working well from the jab. Ingram has great hand speed, and gets a few back hands, a few hooks in. Kouzi is not to be overwhelmed though and comes back with jabs of his own.

They trade and neither fighter is getting the upper hand, but Ingram’s hand speed is eye catching. I would give that round to Ingram, 10-9

J'hon Ingram vs Koji Kouzi Tanaka

Japanese kickboxing legend Koji Kouzi will square off with a prospect that Floyd Mayweather has dubbed his successor, J'hon Ingram.

Here's that big knockdown in round one

The Decision

Winner by TKO and still the WBC International Super Featherweight champion Jadier Herrera.

The doctors are having a look at Manzanilla, but that was a decisive statement by Jadier Herrera.

And so it was. That is the right move. There is no way that you can allow your fighter to come out after punishment like that.

Round 5

We are at the halfway point and it looks like Herrera is happy to start working Manzanilla. He comes in with a great jab and just misses with a left uppercut.

Herrera is not backing out any more. He looks confident with what is coming back at him and is inviting it on.

Manzanilla is trying to work from the clench and the referee is not allowing it. Herrera throws a great left hook to take Manzanilla to the ground. He is nearly out of there but just about survives. He is knocked down again but then saved by the bell.

That is a clear 10-7 round to Herrera, but I would be surprised if Manzanilla’s corner allows him to come out for the next round.

Round 4

As Herrera slips off to the left, Manzanilla lands a shot on his back and is warned for it. That is the type of thing that Manzanilla needs to work, instead of going overhand, perhaps looking to come with the low right hook.

Manzanilla is looking tired now. Herrera still looks fresh. This may be the moment for Jadier to step it up a gear.

The referee isn’t allowing any clenching at all, breaking them immediately without any opportunity to work out of it.

The round is scrappy and ugly, and Manzanilla looks completely overwhelmed. Another 10-9 to Herrera.

Round 3

Herrera is getting a lot of traction out of the awkwardness of being a lefty, but if you are Manzanilla you have to stick with the close stuff. Herrera clearly is unhappy with the clenches and shots to the back of the head.

Herrera gets another knockdown that is ruled a slip. He is landing cleanly but then pushing Manzanilla over, making it look like a slip rather than any skill.

That round was closer, but only just. Herrera’s round 10-9

Round 2

Both fighters are a little slow to get off their stools for the second round, but more from tactics than out of any kind of exhaustion. Manzanilla slips and goes down, but it is clearly a slip. No count.

Both fighters clench and Manzanilla gets a second warning for hitting in the back of the head.

The referee calls for a break and Manzanilla lands two hard shots on the face after the call. There is a conference to see what is going to happen, but it is just another warning.

Herrera comes in and knocks Manzanilla to the ground, but it is declared another slip. Herrera can’t believe it, and he comes back onto the attack, this time getting the valid knockdown. That is the second knockdown in two rounds.

The round ends on a downer as both fighters simply circle each other. Herrera takes that round as well, as messy as it was. Another 10-8.

Round 1

Herrera comes out in the southpaw stance and immediately knocks Manzanilla to the mat with a back hand. Standing eight count and it looks to have no real damage done. Manzanilla goes into the body and works in and out. He is still in this fight.

Both fighters are trying to get that lead foot outside of their opponent, a normal battle when you have the southpaw/orthodox matchup.

Mazanilla lands a hard shot to the body, but Herrera is wearing it well. That round goes to Herrera, clearly, 10-8

Manzanilla vs Herrera (Super Featherweight)

The second bout of the undercards pits Venezuelan Franklin Manzanilla and Cuban Jadier Herrera for the WBC International Super Featherweight title.

Well, there is that too...

And there it is...

Anthony Taylor is animated in the post fight interview, screaming obscenities toward Tommy Fury, calling him out and declaring that he will pay the fight purse to make the fight happen.

The Decision

As an exhibition bout, the ringside judges declare that there is no winner and no loser, calling it a draw, mainly based on the enormous weight difference.

Round 4

Taylor is out and dancing pre round, knowing that he is cruising comfortably. Fincham has to go all-in for the KO if he wants to salvage anything. Taylor throws some good body shots and then catches Fincham flush with two big right hands. He eats it and chomps it up, but you can’t just take those kind of shots.

As the round wears on, Fincham looks defeated. He is clenching, holding, just looking content to get through without being knocked out.

Taylor on the other hand is trying to knock his man out. It is a risky venture as he is clearly punching himself out. At this level, Taylor is the better fighter, but any bout longer than four rounds might see him vulnerable later on. The fight mercifully ends and it is a clear round for Taylor.

My score card has this fight 40-36 to Taylor.

Round 3

Taylor has come out in round 3 far more active than he was in the last round. He lands a good right to the body and backs Fincham onto the ropes. He spins off nicely, but the aggression is all one-way.

Taylor works the body, not doing any real damage in any one shot, but cumulatively wearing his man down. There was a bit of a scrappy move where Taylor landed a shot on the back of Fincham’s head. The referee seemed to be reluctant to move in, but eventually does.

Fincham defends well in the final 30 seconds, but it is too little to salvage the round for him. That is the third round for Taylor.

While Fincham worked that jab better, the more comfortable fighter looked to be Taylor. Less big shots landing, but the more eye-catching moments belonged to Pretty Boy. You could argue it both ways but for me that is a round for Taylor.

Round 2

Fincham comes out pretty well marked up, with his left eye starting to swell. He needs to find his range and work behind that jab if he has any hope of getting back into this.

Round 1

Taylor comes out on the front foot, using a peekaboo style and closing on his man. Fincham is the larger of the two and Taylor needs to work inside.

Fincham takes a lot of punishment and although he gets a few uppercuts in, he eats a big right overhand shot. He did well to wear it and clinched up to get through the round. But overall, that round was all Taylor.


We get things kicked off with a four round bout between American Anthony "Pretty Boy" Taylor and Brit Jack Fincham.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather Jr
Alias: "Money"
Born: 24 February 1977 / Age: 45
Nationality: American
Division: Welterweight (140lbs)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 8″ / 173cm

Reach: 72″ / 183cm
Residence: Las Vegas Nevada


Oladeji Olayinka Daniel Olatunji
Alias: "The Tank"
Born: 9 December 1996 / Age: 25
Nationality: British
Debut: August 25, 2018
Division: Light Heavyweight (170lbs)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5'10,5"/ 179 cm
Reach:  68" / 193 cm
Residence: Peterborough, England

The fighters are now gloved up and we are waiting for the ringwalks.

Dubai's Coca Cola Arena has a capacity of 17,000 and ringside tickets cost up to $10,000 each.

Here is that face off from the reverse angle

The Face off

Yesterday afternoon, the two finally faced off

What did Floyd Mayweather say about a 2023 fight with Conor McGregor?


What did Floyd Mayweather say about a 2023 fight with Conor McGregor?

Floyd is already looking beyond this fight, toward another match in the coming year.

One fan couldn't contain his excitement at meeting Floyd

Of course, it is still a boxing match, and anything can happen. So I will be scoring the bout myself as we go through, round by round, and talking you through my reasoning for it.


Of course, where the boxing is concerned, it is all a foregone conclusion. Deji himself admits that he is just looking to get a touch in, saying, “I’m looking to land a punch. That would be amazing, of course, against the best defensive fighter in the world. So, I’m looking to have fun, I’m looking to showcase my skills and show what YouTubers can do.”

Even for professional boxers, simply landing a punch on Floyd Mayweather is a big ask. His legendary status was made on his defensive skills, making him virtually unhittable. He will not be in any hurry to get the fight done, nor to humiliate his opponent, but Floyd will certainly choose the pace and length of the bout.

As a social media sensation and younger brother of mega famous YouTuber KSI, Deji is no stranger to attention, but his next moment in the spotlight will be something very different when he takes on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.


From “failure” to victory: A look at the man they call Deji

Born Oladeji Daniel Olatunji, “Deji” as he’s known to fans comes from a successful turn as a social media influencer. With 16.2 million followers and subscribers worldwide, he certainly understands how to handle a crowd and that may be in no small part due to his older brother KSI - real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji - who is one of the most famous YouTubers of all time.

Oladeji Daniel “Deji” Olatunji is the younger brother of KSI, and a Youtuber in his own right with over 11.8 million subscribers. So the roots of Youtube boxing meet the heights of a legendary pugilist in this bout.

Meanwhile, boxing matches between Youtubers has blossomed into a cottage industry, with Logan Paul and KSI putting up a trilogy of bouts, and now this zeitgeist comes full circle.

Apart from a master of the sweet science, Floyd Mayweather Jr is an astute businessman, and he recognized the profitability in this type of venture.

Floyd set up exhibition bouts against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, Youtuber Logan Paul, and a bout with former sparring partner Don Moore.

After getting a perfect, if heavily manicured, 49-0 professional record, he arranged what was essentially a sanctioned exhibition bout against MMA superstar Conor McGregor so that he could retire on a round number. 50-0 has a much better ring to it.

At around the same time, a new phenomenon reared its head when two Youtubers, Logan Paul and KSI, agreed to have a boxing match that brought in a staggering pay-per-view audience.

Converging at a time when the internet created mega-stars who could draw huge amounts of pay-per-view revenue, the end of Floyd Mayweather’s professional career has been the most lucrative time in boxing.

While the exhibition bout is nothing new for retired boxers, with Muhammad Ali taking on a range of professional wrestlers, football and hockey players, and even a famous comedian, but in the internet age, the stakes have become exponentially grander.


Since his official retirement from boxing with a perfect 50-0 record, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has continued to fight, and win, in a series of extremely lucrative exhibition bouts.

Good afternoon and welcome to the live commentary of the exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Oladeji Daniel “Deji” Olatunji.


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