Córdoba 1-0 Albacete: results, summary and goals

Córdoba COR
Gorosito 63' (pp)

Match ends, Córdoba 1, Albacete 0.

93' Second Half ends, Córdoba 1, Albacete 0.

92' Substitution Substitution, Córdoba. Bernardo Cruz replaces Alberto del Moral.

83' Substitution Substitution, Albacete. Álvaro Arroyo replaces Carlos Isaac.

79' Yellow card Manuel Farrando (Córdoba) is shown the yellow card.

77' Substitution Substitution, Albacete. David Del Pozo replaces Eddy Silvestre.

73' Substitution Substitution, Albacete. Liberto Beltrán replaces Álvaro Jiménez.

73' Substitution Substitution, Albacete. Diego Vargas replaces Nahuel Arroyo.

73' Substitution Substitution, Albacete. Alfredo Ortuño replaces Emiliano Gómez.

71' Substitution Substitution, Córdoba. Luis Miguel Redondo replaces Federico Piovaccari.

65' Yellow card Mohamed Djetei (Córdoba) is shown the yellow card.

63' Goal de Gorosito (1-0) Own Goal by Nicolás Gorosito, Albacete. Córdoba 1, Albacete 0. Shield Córdoba Córdoba 1 Shield Albacete Albacete 0

53' Substitution Substitution, Córdoba. Carlos Valverde replaces Alain Oyarzun.

53' Substitution Substitution, Córdoba. Javi Flores replaces Mario Ortiz.

45' Second Half begins Córdoba 0, Albacete 0.

46' First Half ends, Córdoba 0, Albacete 0.

35' Yellow card Eddy Silvestre (Albacete) is shown the yellow card.

31' Yellow card Álvaro Jiménez (Albacete) is shown the yellow card.

26' Yellow card Alberto Espeso (Córdoba) is shown the yellow card.

First Half begins.

Lineups are announced and players are warming up.