Ligue 1 Season 2018/2019

Players Percentage of passes that end in the opposition half

Pos. Player Team Total
1 Foto de Louis Carnot
Louis Carnot Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 150Percentage of passes that end in the opposition half
2 Foto de Pedro Brazao
Pedro Brazao Midfielder
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 125
3 Foto de Wilson Isidor
Wilson Isidor Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 112.5
4 Foto de Jordi Mboula
Jordi Mboula Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 111.67
5 Foto de Lamine Ghezali
Lamine Ghezali Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 105.26
6 Foto de Marcos Lopes
Marcos Lopes Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 103.82
7 Foto de Theo Sainte Luce
Theo Sainte Luce Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 100
  Foto de Arton Zekaj
Arton Zekaj Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 100
  Foto de Virgile Pinson
Virgile Pinson Forward
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 100
  Foto de Assil Jaziri
Assil Jaziri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 100
  Foto de Nkoudou
Nkoudou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 100
  Foto de Sacha Boey
Sacha Boey Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 100
  Foto de Stanley Segarel
Stanley Segarel Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 100
  Foto de Willem Geubbels
Willem Geubbels Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 100
  Foto de Sanasi Sy
Sanasi Sy Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 100
  Foto de Metehan Guclu
Metehan Guclu Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 100
  Foto de Alegue Elandi
Alegue Elandi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 100
  Foto de Saku Stavitski
Saku Stavitski Forward
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 100
  Foto de Tim Weah
Tim Weah Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 100
  Foto de Lenny Pintor
Lenny Pintor Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 100
  Foto de Mahdi Camara
Mahdi Camara Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 100
  Foto de Janvier
Janvier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 100
8 Foto de Naim Sliti
Naim Sliti Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 99.24
9 Foto de Samuel Grandsir
Samuel Grandsir Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 98.65
10 Foto de N'Gbakoto
N'Gbakoto Forward
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 97.92
11 Foto de Khazri
Khazri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 97.72
12 Foto de Dossevi
Dossevi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 96.13
13 Foto de Harisson Manzala Tusumgama
Harisson Manzala Tusumgama Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 95.83
14 Foto de Kalu
Kalu Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 95.68
15 Foto de Depay
Depay Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 94.58
16 Foto de Yassin Fekir
Yassin Fekir Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 93.75
17 Foto de Saman Ghoddos
Saman Ghoddos Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 93.61
18 Foto de Delort
Delort Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 93.54
19 Foto de Makhtar Gueye
Makhtar Gueye Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 93.33
20 Foto de Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 92.31
21 Foto de Payet
Payet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 92.22
22 Foto de Gelson Martins
Gelson Martins Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 90.57
23 Foto de Salibur
Salibur Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 90.51
24 Foto de Sheyi Ojo
Sheyi Ojo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 90.36
25 Foto de Nicolas de Preville
Nicolas de Preville Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 90.31
26 Foto de Matthias Phaeton
Matthias Phaeton Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 90
27 Foto de Abdoulaye Jules Keita
Abdoulaye Jules Keita Forward
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 89.6
28 Foto de Hamouma
Hamouma Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 89.5
29 Foto de Luiz Araujo
Luiz Araujo Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 89.05
30 Foto de Nicolas Benezet
Nicolas Benezet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 88.74
31 Foto de John Mendoza
John Mendoza Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 88.72
32 Foto de Kwon Chang-Hoon
Kwon Chang-Hoon Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 88.67
33 Foto de Mothiba
Mothiba Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 88.64
34 Foto de K. Coulibaly
K. Coulibaly Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 88.6
35 Foto de Corentin Jean
Corentin Jean Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 88.57
36 Foto de Carlos
Carlos Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 88.54
37 Foto de Randal Kolo Muani
Randal Kolo Muani Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 88.46
38 Foto de Yann Karamoh
Yann Karamoh Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 88.43
39 Foto de Lois Diony
Lois Diony Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 88.15
40 Foto de Mathieu Cafaro
Mathieu Cafaro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 88.12
  Foto de Di María
Di María Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 88.12
41 Foto de Kylian Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 87.93
42 Foto de Salomon Sambia
Salomon Sambia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 87.91
43 Foto de Valentin Eysseric
Valentin Eysseric Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 87.78
  Foto de Romain Del Castillo
Romain Del Castillo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 87.78
44 Foto de Suk Hyun Jun
Suk Hyun Jun Forward
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 87.65
45 Foto de Neymar
Neymar Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 87.49
46 Foto de Boschilia
Boschilia Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 86.96
47 Foto de Juan Ferney Otero
Juan Ferney Otero Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 86.81
48 Foto de Mariano
Mariano Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 86.67
49 Foto de Radonjic
Radonjic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 86.59
50 Foto de Poaty
Poaty Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 86.11
51 Foto de Nicolas Pepe
Nicolas Pepe Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 85.99
52 Foto de Sio
Sio Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 85.71
  Foto de Antonio Mance
Antonio Mance Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 85.71
53 Foto de Lima
Lima Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 85.67
54 Foto de Ismaila Sarr
Ismaila Sarr Forward
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 85.43
55 Foto de Cornet
Cornet Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 85.27
56 Foto de Fekir
Fekir Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 85.15
57 Foto de Aka Wilfride Kanga
Aka Wilfride Kanga Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 84.88
  Foto de Coco
Coco Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 84.88
58 Foto de Boutobba
Boutobba Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 84.62
59 Foto de Rachid Alioui
Rachid Alioui Forward
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 84.59
60 Foto de Arber Zeneli
Arber Zeneli Forward
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 84.25
61 Foto de Florent Mollet
Florent Mollet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 84.13
62 Foto de Max Gradel
Max Gradel Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 84.12
63 Foto de Guirassy
Guirassy Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 84.01
64 Foto de Dolly
Dolly Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 83.78
65 Foto de Nathael Julan
Nathael Julan Forward
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 83.33
66 Foto de Saint-Maximin
Saint-Maximin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 83.22
67 Foto de Farid El Melali
Farid El Melali Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 83.21
68 Foto de Yassin Benrahou
Yassin Benrahou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 83.16
69 Foto de Gourcuff
Gourcuff Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 83.12
70 Foto de Flavien Tait
Flavien Tait Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 82.95
71 Foto de G. Laborde
G. Laborde Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 82.58
72 Foto de Waris
Waris Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 82.56
73 Foto de Yaya Sanogo
Yaya Sanogo Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 82.42
74 Foto de Kévin Zohi
Kévin Zohi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 82.32
75 Foto de Chavarría
Chavarría Forward
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 82.26
76 Foto de M'Baye Niang
M'Baye Niang Forward
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 82.1
77 Foto de Albert-Nicolas Lottin
Albert-Nicolas Lottin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 81.82
78 Foto de Cheick Omar Traore
Cheick Omar Traore Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 81.2
79 Foto de Ben Arfa
Ben Arfa Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 81.15
80 Foto de Limbombe
Limbombe Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 81.06
81 Foto de Wesley Said
Wesley Said Forward
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 80.87
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