Ligue 1 Season 2018/2019

Players Percentage of passes that end in the player’s own half

Pos. Player Team Total
1 Foto de Cardinale
Cardinale Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 98.41Percentage of passes that end in the player’s own half
2 Foto de Moulin
Moulin Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 95
3 Foto de Buffon
Buffon Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 90.91
4 Foto de Areola
Areola Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 88.46
5 Foto de Mathieu Gorgelin
Mathieu Gorgelin Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 86.36
6 Foto de Till Cissokho
Till Cissokho Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 80.56
7 Foto de Anthony Lopes
Anthony Lopes Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 80.02
8 Foto de Pelé
Pelé Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 79.1
9 Foto de Mitrovic
Mitrovic Defender
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 78.85
10 Foto de Dante
Dante Defender
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 77.1
11 Foto de Soumaoro
Soumaoro Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 76.78
12 Foto de Loïc Mbe Soh
Loïc Mbe Soh Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 76.38
13 Foto de Pablo
Pablo Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 76.12
14 Foto de Mexer
Mexer Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 75.51
15 Foto de Mbia
Mbia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 75.4
16 Foto de Walter Benitez
Walter Benitez Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 75.05
17 Foto de Valdivia
Valdivia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 75
  Foto de Moataz Zemzemi
Moataz Zemzemi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 75
18 Foto de William Saliba
William Saliba Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 74.57
19 Foto de Kouadio Dabila
Kouadio Dabila Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 74.54
20 Foto de Wesley Fofana
Wesley Fofana Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 74.36
21 Foto de Axel Disasi
Axel Disasi Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 74.24
22 Foto de Seydou Sy
Seydou Sy Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 74
23 Foto de Lewczuk
Lewczuk Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 73.85
24 Foto de Jean-Clair Todibo
Jean-Clair Todibo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 73.52
25 Foto de Maxime Pelican
Maxime Pelican Midfielder
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 73.33
26 Foto de Rolando
Rolando Defender
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 73.32
27 Foto de Yunis Abdelhamid
Yunis Abdelhamid Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 73.16
28 Foto de Walongwa
Walongwa Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 72.97
29 Foto de Baysse
Baysse Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 72.73
30 Foto de Rami
Rami Defender
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 72.72
31 Foto de Mateo Pavlovic
Mateo Pavlovic Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 72.66
32 Foto de Steven Fortes
Steven Fortes Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 72
33 Foto de Benaglio
Benaglio Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 71.78
34 Foto de Subotic
Subotic Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 71.5
35 Foto de Damien
Damien Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 70.53
36 Foto de Herve Lybohy
Herve Lybohy Defender
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 70.25
37 Foto de Baysse
Baysse Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 70.24
38 Foto de Herelle
Herelle Defender
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 69.77
39 Foto de Alexander Djiku
Alexander Djiku Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 69.71
40 Foto de Younn Zahary
Younn Zahary Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 69.54
41 Foto de Caleta-Car
Caleta-Car Defender
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 69.06
42 Foto de Fontaine
Fontaine Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 69
43 Foto de Perrin
Perrin Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 68.91
44 Foto de Gabriel
Gabriel Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 68.17
45 Foto de Boubacar Kamara
Boubacar Kamara Defender
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 67.8
46 Foto de Malang Sarr
Malang Sarr Defender
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 67.71
47 Foto de Jemerson
Jemerson Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 67.41
48 Foto de Bjorn Engels
Bjorn Engels Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 67.35
49 Foto de Sorbon
Sorbon Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 67.12
50 Foto de Andy Pelmard
Andy Pelmard Defender
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 66.88
51 Foto de Benoit Badiashile Mukinayi
Benoit Badiashile Mukinayi Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 66.7
52 Foto de Edgar Ié
Edgar Ié Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 66.67
53 Foto de Ndour
Ndour Defender
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 66.21
54 Foto de Ciman
Ciman Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 66.2
55 Foto de Adenon
Adenon Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 66.15
56 Foto de Harek
Harek Defender
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 66.13
57 Foto de Diallo
Diallo Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 66.12
58 Foto de Ronael Pierre Gabriel
Ronael Pierre Gabriel Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 66.03
59 Foto de Yambéré
Yambéré Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 65.87
60 Foto de Landre
Landre Defender
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 65.61
61 Foto de Gen Shoji
Gen Shoji Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 65.52
62 Foto de Prince-Desir Gouano
Prince-Desir Gouano Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 65.51
63 Foto de Romain Thomas
Romain Thomas Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 65.21
64 Foto de Vukasin Jovanovic
Vukasin Jovanovic Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 64.75
65 Foto de Anthony Briancon
Anthony Briancon Defender
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 64.64
66 Foto de Gerzino Nyamsi
Gerzino Nyamsi Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 64.23
67 Foto de Florian Miguel
Florian Miguel Defender
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 63.79
68 Foto de J. Denayer
J. Denayer Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 63.59
69 Foto de Glik
Glik Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 63.49
70 Foto de Lamine Kone
Lamine Kone Defender
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 62.88
71 Foto de Senou Coulibaly
Senou Coulibaly Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 62.83
72 Foto de Tatarusanu
Tatarusanu Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 62.66
73 Foto de Jeremy Grimm
Jeremy Grimm Midfielder
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 62.65
74 Foto de Wesley Lautoa
Wesley Lautoa Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 62.28
75 Foto de Patrick Burner
Patrick Burner Defender
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 62.1
76 Foto de Naldo
Naldo Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 62.05
77 Foto de Koundé
Koundé Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 61.98
78 Foto de Felix Eboa Eboa
Felix Eboa Eboa Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 61.83
79 Foto de Diego Carlos
Diego Carlos Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 61.73
80 Foto de Jullien
Jullien Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 61.69
81 Foto de Thomas Basila
Thomas Basila Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 61.54
82 Foto de Ismael Traore
Ismael Traore Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 61.48
83 Foto de Romain Genevois
Romain Genevois Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 61.31
84 Foto de Nicolas Cozza
Nicolas Cozza Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 61.17
85 Foto de Fonte
Fonte Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 61.09
86 Foto de Alexandre Lauray
Alexandre Lauray Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 61.01
87 Foto de Mandanda
Mandanda Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 60.99
88 Foto de Kevin N'Doram
Kevin N'Doram Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 60.87
89 Foto de Sertic
Sertic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 60.81
90 Foto de Marcelo
Marcelo Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 60.72
91 Foto de Kara
Kara Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 60.7
92 Foto de Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez Defender
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 60.52
93 Foto de Métanire
Métanire Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 60.49
94 Foto de Hilton
Hilton Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 60.19
95 Foto de Ruffier
Ruffier Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 59.92
96 Foto de Pedro Mendes
Pedro Mendes Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 59.8
97 Foto de Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 59.4
98 Foto de Kolodziejczak
Kolodziejczak Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 59.26
99 Foto de Matt Miazga
Matt Miazga Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 59.25
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