Europa League Previa

Players Passes made within the opposition half which do not find a team-mate

Pos. Player Team Total
1 Foto de Montoro
Montoro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Granada Granada 52Passes made within the opposition half which do not find a team-mate
2 Foto de Hakan Calhanoglu
Hakan Calhanoglu Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 42
3 Foto de Ben Davies
Ben Davies Defender
Badge/Flag Tottenham Tottenham 41
4 Foto de Jonathan Hayes
Jonathan Hayes Midfielder
Badge/Flag Aberdeen Aberdeen 40
  Foto de Collins Fai
Collins Fai Defender
Badge/Flag Standard Standard 40
5 Foto de Carcela-González
Carcela-González Midfielder
Badge/Flag Standard Standard 37
6 Foto de Víctor Díaz
Víctor Díaz Defender
Badge/Flag Granada Granada 35
7 Foto de Lewis
Lewis Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Aberdeen Aberdeen 33
  Foto de Arnold
Arnold Midfielder
Badge/Flag Wolfsburgo Wolfsburgo 33
8 Foto de Ryan Christie
Ryan Christie Midfielder
Badge/Flag Celtic Celtic 32
9 Foto de Theo Hernández
Theo Hernández Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 31
10 Foto de Denzel Dumfries
Denzel Dumfries Defender
Badge/Flag PSV PSV 30
  Foto de Selim Amallah
Selim Amallah Midfielder
Badge/Flag Standard Standard 30
  Foto de Mehmedi
Mehmedi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Wolfsburgo Wolfsburgo 30
11 Foto de Greg Taylor
Greg Taylor Defender
Badge/Flag Celtic Celtic 29
12 Foto de Ryan Hedges
Ryan Hedges Midfielder
Badge/Flag Aberdeen Aberdeen 28
  Foto de Michorl
Michorl Midfielder
Badge/Flag LASK LASK 28
13 Foto de Houri
Houri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Videoton Videoton 27
  Foto de Davide Calabria
Davide Calabria Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 27
  Foto de Reinhold Ranftl
Reinhold Ranftl Defender
Badge/Flag LASK LASK 27
14 Foto de Nicolas Gavory
Nicolas Gavory Defender
Badge/Flag Standard Standard 26
15 Foto de Martin Lukov
Martin Lukov Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag L. Plovdiv L. Plovdiv 25
  Foto de Bennacer
Bennacer Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 25
16 Foto de Konstantinos Laifis
Konstantinos Laifis Defender
Badge/Flag Standard Standard 24
  Foto de Pedro Porro
Pedro Porro Defender
Badge/Flag Sp. Portugal Sp. Portugal 24
  Foto de Predrag Rajkovic
Predrag Rajkovic Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 24
17 Foto de René Renner
René Renner Midfielder
Badge/Flag LASK LASK 23
  Foto de Renato Steffen
Renato Steffen Midfielder
Badge/Flag Wolfsburgo Wolfsburgo 23
  Foto de Giovani Lo Celso
Giovani Lo Celso Midfielder
Badge/Flag Tottenham Tottenham 23
18 Foto de Ross McCrorie
Ross McCrorie Midfielder
Badge/Flag Aberdeen Aberdeen 22
  Foto de Matt Doherty
Matt Doherty Defender
Badge/Flag Tottenham Tottenham 22
19 Foto de Alex Ramsay
Alex Ramsay Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Bala Town Bala Town 21
  Foto de Holland
Holland Midfielder
Badge/Flag LASK LASK 21
  Foto de Soldado
Soldado Forward
Badge/Flag Granada Granada 21
  Foto de Alexander Schlager
Alexander Schlager Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag LASK LASK 21
20 Foto de Nikola Andric
Nikola Andric Defender
Badge/Flag FK Vojvodina FK Vojvodina 20
  Foto de Paulo Otávio
Paulo Otávio Defender
Badge/Flag Wolfsburgo Wolfsburgo 20
  Foto de Nuno Mendes
Nuno Mendes Defender
Badge/Flag Sp. Portugal Sp. Portugal 20
21 Foto de Nego
Nego Defender
Badge/Flag Videoton Videoton 19
  Foto de Hangya
Hangya Defender
Badge/Flag Videoton Videoton 19
  Foto de McGregor
McGregor Midfielder
Badge/Flag Celtic Celtic 19
  Foto de Zinho Vanheusden
Zinho Vanheusden Defender
Badge/Flag Standard Standard 19
  Foto de Samu Castillejo
Samu Castillejo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 19
  Foto de Alexis Saelemaekers
Alexis Saelemaekers Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 19
  Foto de Maxence Lacroix
Maxence Lacroix Defender
Badge/Flag Wolfsburgo Wolfsburgo 19
22 Foto de Adam Kovacsik
Adam Kovacsik Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Videoton Videoton 18
  Foto de Stevanovic
Stevanovic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Servette Servette 18
  Foto de Yangel Herrera
Yangel Herrera Midfielder
Badge/Flag Granada Granada 18
  Foto de Rui Silva
Rui Silva Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Granada Granada 18
  Foto de Gernot Trauner
Gernot Trauner Defender
Badge/Flag LASK LASK 18
  Foto de Oliver Boscagli
Oliver Boscagli Defender
Badge/Flag PSV PSV 18
  Foto de Josip Brekalo
Josip Brekalo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Wolfsburgo Wolfsburgo 18
  Foto de Mike Trésor
Mike Trésor Midfielder
Badge/Flag Willem II Willem II 18
23 Foto de Eric Davis
Eric Davis Defender
Badge/Flag Dunajská Streda Dunajská Streda 17
  Foto de Martin Jedlicka
Martin Jedlicka Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Dunajská Streda Dunajská Streda 17
  Foto de McGeouch
McGeouch Midfielder
Badge/Flag Aberdeen Aberdeen 17
  Foto de Germán Sánchez
Germán Sánchez Defender
Badge/Flag Granada Granada 17
  Foto de Slavko Bralic
Slavko Bralic Defender
Badge/Flag FK Vojvodina FK Vojvodina 17
  Foto de Kessié Franck
Kessié Franck Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 17
  Foto de Konan
Konan Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 17
  Foto de Heung-Min Son
Heung-Min Son Forward
Badge/Flag Tottenham Tottenham 17
  Foto de Casteels
Casteels Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Wolfsburgo Wolfsburgo 17
  Foto de Mats Kohlert
Mats Kohlert Forward
Badge/Flag Willem II Willem II 17
24 Foto de Bendeguz Bolla
Bendeguz Bolla Defender
Badge/Flag Videoton Videoton 16
  Foto de Frantisek Plach
Frantisek Plach Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Piast Gliwice Piast Gliwice 16
  Foto de Goran Vuklis
Goran Vuklis Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag FK Vojvodina FK Vojvodina 16
  Foto de Gojko Cimirot
Gojko Cimirot Midfielder
Badge/Flag Standard Standard 16
  Foto de Xavier Schlager
Xavier Schlager Midfielder
Badge/Flag Wolfsburgo Wolfsburgo 16
  Foto de Kjaer
Kjaer Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 16
  Foto de Luís Neto
Luís Neto Defender
Badge/Flag Sp. Portugal Sp. Portugal 16
25 Foto de Andrew Considine
Andrew Considine Defender
Badge/Flag Aberdeen Aberdeen 15
  Foto de Tordur Thomsen
Tordur Thomsen Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag NSÍ NSÍ 15
  Foto de Machís
Machís Forward
Badge/Flag Granada Granada 15
  Foto de Jeremie Frimpong
Jeremie Frimpong Defender
Badge/Flag Celtic Celtic 15
  Foto de Xavier Chavalerin
Xavier Chavalerin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 15
  Foto de Cody Gakpo
Cody Gakpo Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSV PSV 15
  Foto de Bruma
Bruma Forward
Badge/Flag PSV PSV 15
  Foto de Zouhair Feddal
Zouhair Feddal Defender
Badge/Flag Sp. Portugal Sp. Portugal 15
  Foto de Rep
Rep Midfielder
Badge/Flag TSV Prolactal Hartberg TSV Prolactal Hartberg 15
  Foto de Kieszek
Kieszek Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Rio Ave Rio Ave 15
  Foto de Guilavogui
Guilavogui Midfielder
Badge/Flag Wolfsburgo Wolfsburgo 15
  Foto de Roussillon
Roussillon Defender
Badge/Flag Wolfsburgo Wolfsburgo 15
26 Foto de Lewis Ferguson
Lewis Ferguson Midfielder
Badge/Flag Aberdeen Aberdeen 14
  Foto de Petros Mandalos
Petros Mandalos Midfielder
Badge/Flag AEK Atenas AEK Atenas 14
  Foto de Kalitvintsev
Kalitvintsev Midfielder
Badge/Flag Desna Desna 14
  Foto de Aleksandar Pejovic
Aleksandar Pejovic Midfielder
Badge/Flag FK Sarajevo FK Sarajevo 14
  Foto de Puertas
Puertas Midfielder
Badge/Flag Granada Granada 14
  Foto de Tanguy NDombele Alvaro
Tanguy NDombele Alvaro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Tottenham Tottenham 14
  Foto de Zymer Bytyqi
Zymer Bytyqi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Viking Viking 14
  Foto de Pablo Rosario
Pablo Rosario Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSV PSV 14
  Foto de Derrick Köhn
Derrick Köhn Defender
Badge/Flag Willem II Willem II 14
  Foto de Arnaud Bodart
Arnaud Bodart Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Standard Standard 14
  Foto de Kane
Kane Forward
Badge/Flag Tottenham Tottenham 14
27 Foto de J. Knudsen
J. Knudsen Defender
Badge/Flag Malmö Malmö 13
  Foto de Carlo Holse
Carlo Holse Forward
Badge/Flag Rosenborg Rosenborg 13
  Foto de Arial Mendy
Arial Mendy Defender
Badge/Flag Servette Servette 13
  Foto de Carlos Neva
Carlos Neva Defender
Badge/Flag Granada Granada 13
  Foto de Drincic
Drincic Midfielder
Badge/Flag FK Vojvodina FK Vojvodina 13
  Foto de Nicolas Raskin
Nicolas Raskin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Standard Standard 13
  Foto de Görkem Saglam
Görkem Saglam Midfielder
Badge/Flag Willem II Willem II 13
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